What's the Difference between The Sum of All Fears the Book and The Sum of All Fears the Movie?


The Sum of All Fears

Released: 1991
Author: Tom Clancy

The Sum of All Fears

Released: 2002
Director: Phil Alden Robinson
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In the Book In the Movie
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan
Portrayed by: Ben Affleck
The Sum of All Fears Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The Soviet military knows that there is both naval fighting in the Atlantic and small-scale troop movements in Berlin, but the situation does not escalate to the point of no return. The corrupt Russian admiral lies to his crew that the United States has dropped a nuclear bomb on Moscow, and that nuclear war is imminent.
   Ryan communicated with SPINNAKER through secret messages and cables, as palm pilots did not exist yet. Ryan communicates with SPINNAKER through a palm pilot.
   Jack Ryan is Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, which is the 2nd in command of the CIA. Jack Ryan is an intelligence analyst.
   Jack Ryan is middle-aged. Jack Ryan is in his late-20s.
   The book takes place in the early 1990s before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The movie takes place in 2002.
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