What's the Difference between The Sum of All Fears the Book and The Sum of All Fears the Movie?


The Sum of All Fears

Released: 1991
Author: Tom Clancy

The Sum of All Fears

Released: 2002
Director: Phil Alden Robinson
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In the Book In the Movie
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan
Portrayed by: Ben Affleck
The Sum of All Fears Book vs Movie
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   SPINNAKER is a Soviet informant for the CIA who claims that Narmonov is in danger of a coup from Communist hardliners, while meanwhile plotting a coup of his own. SPINNAKER is a Russian informant for the CIA who acts in the United States' interest.
   Fed up with SPINNAKER's lies and misinformation, Ryan leaks his identity to Narmonov in exchange for another captured Soviet informant for the CIA, who had been caught spying on Japan for the US. SPINNAKER's cover is safe until he reveals it to Ryan at the end of the film in the United States.
   The terrorists know that the bomb is a bomb when they find it. But they do not discover it is an Israeli nuclear bomb until taking it apart. The South African scrap collector knows the bomb is an Israeli nuclear bomb upon inspection. By the time the terrorists have the bomb they are aware of its identity.
   American and Soviet soldiers attack each other in Berlin. (Note: at the time of the book's writing, Germany had been reunified but Russian soldiers would remain in Germany until 1994.) There is no US-Soviet battle in Berlin. (Note: The film takes place in 2002, eight years after the last Russian troops left Germany.)
   The Israeli-Palestinian peace process begins after a radicalized Israeli terrorist guns down Muslims praying at the Dome of the Rock. The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has nothing to do with the story.
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