What's the Difference between The Dark Fields the Book and Limitless the Movie?


The Dark Fields

Released: 2001
Author: Alan Glynn


Released: 2011
Director: Neil Burger
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In the Book In the Movie
Eddie Spinola
Eddie Morra
Portrayed by: Bradley Cooper
Carl Van Loon
Carl Van Loon
Portrayed by: Robert DeNiro
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Abbie Cornish
Limitless Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The drug is called MDT-48. It is called NZT-48.
   Eddie is a copy writer at a small publishing house. He is writing a story about the connection between current technology and the counter culture of the 60s. He is unemployed but has a book deal. He is working on a book, but the details are unclear.
   The main character's name is Eddie Spinola. His name is now Eddie Morra.
   Eddie is a confessed former Coke addict and admits that the whole time he was married, he and his wife abused cocaine with Vernon. Eddie doesn't mention doing cocaine.
   The story starts with Eddie in a motel in Vermont. He wants to get an account of what has happened to him down on disc. He is standing on the ledge of his apartment balcony with people trying to get inside. He narrates that he thought it would all end differently and he flashes back to start telling the story.
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