What's the Difference between The Fugitive the TV Show and The Fugitive the Movie?


The Fugitive

Released: 1967
Creator: Roy Huggins

The Fugitive

Released: 1993
Director: Andrew Davis
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In the TV Show In the Movie
Philip Gerard
Portrayed by: Barry Morse
Samuel Gerard
Portrayed by: Tommy Lee Jones
None given
Portrayed by: Bill Kasich
Frederick Sykes
Portrayed by: Andreas Katsulas
The Fugitive TV Show vs Movie
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In the TV Show In the Movie
   Richard Kimble is a pediatrician from Stafford, Indiana. Richard Kimble is a vascular surgeon from Chicago, Illinois.
   The one-armed man does not have a prosthetic arm. The one-armed man, Frederick Sykes, has a prosthetic arm which factors into Kimble tracking him down.
   Richard Kimble uses various aliases and works various jobs to prevent Gerard from finding him. Richard Kimble fully devotes his efforts to uncovering his wife's murderer. Except for briefly using the name of a hospital janitor, he does not use any fake names.
   The events take place in the 1960s over a span of several years. The events take place in the span of a few months around 1992.
   Richard Kimble escapes from police custody after the train he is riding derails. Richard Kimble escapes from police custody after the bus he is riding crashes.
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