What's the Difference between Resident Alien the Comic Book and Resident Alien the TV Show?

Science Fiction

Resident Alien

Released: 2012
Publisher: Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse

Resident Alien

Released: 2021
Creator: Chris Sheridan
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Portrayed by: Alan Tudyk
Asta Twelvetrees
Asta Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Sara Tomko
Sheriff Mike
Mike Thompson
Portrayed by: Corey Reynolds
Dan Twelvetrees
Dan Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Gary Farmer
Mayor Cuthbert C. Hawthorne
Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Portrayed by: Levi Fiehler
This Character does not appear.
D'arcy Morin
Portrayed by: Alice Wetterlund
This Character does not appear.
Max Hawthorn
Portrayed by: Judah Prehn
Un-named Government Official
General McCallister
Portrayed by: Linda Hamilton
Resident Alien Comic Book vs TV Show
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
   A temporary replacement is found for Harry when he travels out of town, but the temp is a young arrogant doctor that is disliked by the clinic staff. Dr. Ethan stone shows up to replace Harry; who is jealous. The people of Patience like him.
   This does not happen in the comic books. While experimenting with drugs and alcohol, Harry communicates with an octopus in a restaurant tank.
   The only people who know Harry's real nature are Asta and her father. Most of Harry's time away from the doctor's office is devoted to investigating crimes and solving mysteries. Harry and the boy Max make a truce. Harry tells him he is an alien and needs to find parts of his ship to go home. Max helps Harry locate his missing device on the glacier because he can sense the object's green glow through a telescope.
   Harry is attacked by Lance the man who killed Dr. Hodges and two others in town. Asta accidentally shoots Harry in the leg and wounds the man who attacked Harry. Harry locates the final piece he is looking for. D'Arcy and Asta search for and find him on the glacier, but then are trapped when a crack opens up and they all fall in. Harry breaks his leg and is in danger of bleeding to death. D'Arcy rescues Asta and Harry.
   Harry maintains his human appearance to others even when operated on and given morphine for the pain. Harry is unable to maintain his human appearance when injured. He eventually reverts back to his alien appearance.
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