What's the Difference between Foundation the Book and Foundation Season 1 the TV Show?

Science Fiction


Released: 1942
Author: Isaac Asimov

Foundation Season 1

Released: 2021
Creator: David S. Goyer
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In the Book In the TV Show
Emperor Cleon
Emperor Cleon
Portrayed by: Lee Pace
Gaal Dornick
Gaal Dornick
Portrayed by: Lou Llobell
This Character does not appear.
Eto Demerzel
Portrayed by: Laura Birn
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon
Portrayed by: Jared Harris
Salvor Hardin
Salvor Hardin
Portrayed by: Leah Harvey
Raych Foss
Raych Seldon
Portrayed by: Alfred Enoch
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Daniel MacPherson
This Character does not appear.
Phara Keaen
Portrayed by: Kubbra Sait
Foundation Season 1 Book vs TV Show
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the TV Show
   Hyperspace jump technology was developed and in universal use among all populated worlds long before the Empire was established. Hyperspace jump technology is an Imperial secret.
   Hardin never sleeps in stasis while traveling and never goes to Dornicks home planet. Selvor Hardin leaves Terminus. Gaal Dornick awakens after her 138 year trip to Synaxx and finds Salvor Hardin on the planet.
   Humans (the only intelligent species in the galaxy) all speak Galactic Standard, with regional accents. Some people seem to speak different languages.
   Starships typically land at spaceports on the planet surface; sometimes checking in with orbiting entry stations first. Starships dock with the Starbridge, a space elevator that takes passengers to Trantor's surface. The trip down takes 14 hours. Suicide bombers destroy the space elevator connecting the planet surface to space.
   Only the Foundation scientists have the capability to produce miniaturized nuclear generators and personal shields. The Emperor wears a personal shield that protects him from all but the lightest touch. Some of the Imperial staff have clocking devices to keep them invisible.
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