What's the Difference between Resident Alien the Comic Book and Resident Alien the TV Show?

Science Fiction

Resident Alien

Released: 2012
Publisher: Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse

Resident Alien

Released: 2021
Creator: Chris Sheridan
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Portrayed by: Alan Tudyk
Asta Twelvetrees
Asta Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Sara Tomko
Sheriff Mike
Mike Thompson
Portrayed by: Corey Reynolds
Dan Twelvetrees
Dan Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Gary Farmer
Mayor Cuthbert C. Hawthorne
Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Portrayed by: Levi Fiehler
This Character does not appear.
D'arcy Morin
Portrayed by: Alice Wetterlund
This Character does not appear.
Max Hawthorn
Portrayed by: Judah Prehn
Un-named Government Official
General McCallister
Portrayed by: Linda Hamilton
Resident Alien Comic Book vs TV Show
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
   Harry determines that Dr. Hodges and two others in town were murdered by the son of a Vietnam vet who blamed the three men for his father's misfortune. Harry (alien) does not solve the murder of Dr. Hodges during season one, although he said Hodges died when he tried to give himself a Tracheotomy after being poisoned. The sheriff arrests Dr. Hodges widow on suspicion of his murder by contaminating his insulin with botulinum toxin. Harry (human) is revealed in a flashback to have been the one who poisoned Dr. Hodges.
   This does not happen in the comic. Harry finds the real Harry's corpse in the lake and hides it in his freezer. The police find one of the feet. Harry substitutes a sample of other human skin as a sample to the lab to cover his tracks.
   Alien Harry did leave behind a girlfriend on his home planet. Everyone Harry knows on his home planet will have died by the time he returns home. Harry's wife Isabelle shows up at the cabin. They have sex a few times and she wants to resume their marriage instead of finalizing the divorce. Harry drugs her several times so he can search the nearby glacier for pieces of his ship. Isabelle returns to New York.
   Little is revealed about the “men in black” organization. They at first thought Harry's ship was an aircraft from another country, not another planet. General McCallister has been searching for Harry's spaceship since it crashed. As a little child she saw an alien craft much like his and has been searching for the last 50 years for evidence of alien life.
   The people looking for Harry are not violent. But one of the agents does drug a nurse to gain entry to a house and spy on Harry. Two of General McCallister's civilian agents, David and Lisa, arrive in Patience to investigate. They talk to a man who saw Harry in his alien form when he was traveling towards Colorado shortly after his crash. Lisa murders the man and steals the manuscript of the book he was writing about the encounter.
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