What's the Difference between Resident Alien the Comic Book and Resident Alien the TV Show?

Science Fiction

Resident Alien

Released: 2012
Publisher: Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse

Resident Alien

Released: 2021
Creator: Chris Sheridan
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Portrayed by: Alan Tudyk
Asta Twelvetrees
Asta Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Sara Tomko
Sheriff Mike
Mike Thompson
Portrayed by: Corey Reynolds
Dan Twelvetrees
Dan Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Gary Farmer
Mayor Cuthbert C. Hawthorne
Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Portrayed by: Levi Fiehler
This Character does not appear.
D'arcy Morin
Portrayed by: Alice Wetterlund
This Character does not appear.
Max Hawthorn
Portrayed by: Judah Prehn
Un-named Government Official
General McCallister
Portrayed by: Linda Hamilton
Resident Alien Comic Book vs TV Show
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
   Setting is Patience Washington. It is a standard fish out of water drama. First issue; Welcome to Earth. Setting is Patience Colorado. Much more humorous than the comic. Season One.
   Harry's benign mission was to retrieve/destroy a probe sent by his home planet. He destroyed the probe but while attempting to return home he was shot at by a Chinese or American jet over the Pacific Ocean and crashed in the Utah desert. He sent a distress signal but does not know if it was received. Harry did not intend to land on Earth, only to launch a probe. But lightening struck his ship and he crashed near Patience. His mission is to prepare to destroy the Earth's human population.
   Harry seems to be of average human height and build. He is able to project the appearance of a human male to hide his “little green man” appearance. The alien's original appearance is that of over seven feet tall with tripod like feet. He emulates the approximate height and shape of the first human he comes into contact with (Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle) then is able to further disguise himself by projecting the appearance of the original Harry to humans.
   The alien assumes the identity of Dr. Vanderspeigle after months in the USA. He never kills anyone while learning to act human. The alien enters Dr. Vanderspeigle's cabin by the lake immediately after his ship crashes. The human Doctor attacks the alien out of fear and is then killed during a brief fight when the alien defends himself. The human Harry falls through the ice and drowns.
   The alien obtains food and other items from a nearby city; he disables cameras and security alarms with a small device he carries to keep from being caught. He steals from an ATM, a photo of him stealing from the ATM eventually reaches the "men in black" group that is searching for him. He learns to speak English and learn local customs by reading books (mostly murder mysteries) and watching DVD's for the next three years. The alien learns to act and speak as a human while isolated in Dr. Vanderspeigle's cabin by watching TV (Law and Order) and reading books for four months.
   The mission was already complete and Harry was on his way home. Harry only has a small case of devices and supplies with him. His ship was immediately confiscated by the “men in black”. He is not searching for it as it crashed in Utah and he lives in Washington state. Harry spends lots time prior to becoming the town doctor searching for a device lost during his crash, he needs it to repair his ship and complete his mission. He continues to search while working in town.
   Harry moved in to the cabin two years ago by the time the Sheriff and deputy Delbert arrive to bring him into town to investigate the death of Doctor Hodges. He acts like a normal human although he is nervous about being around people. After living at the cabin by the lake in Patience, the police request Harry's assistance in investigating the murder of the town's doctor. He acts strange like he is not familiar with American customs and this confuses people.
   The mayor is his early 60's and single. The mayor is late 20's, early 30's. Married with a young son named Max.
   Dr. Hodges was killed with a long blade outside. Harry thinks he was murdered by someone taller than the victim. There are drugs missing from the doctor's office. Doctor Hodges was killed with a scalpel to the throat inside of his office. While investigating, Harry immediately says the doctor killed himself.
   Asta sees a blurry vision at times when she looks at Harry, but does not think it is due to his alien nature. An optometrist says her vision is good. Asta does not see anything different about Harry. Her father, Dan, says he feels nothing when he looks at Harry and this bothers him.
   Asta eventually feels there is something unusual about Harry and tells her father. Her father (a shaman) talks to Asta in her dreams to say that Harry is an alien and being chased. Asta's father is not a shaman and does not appear in Asta's dreams. Dan works at a diner.
   Asta does not see the ship crashing. Harry crashed three years prior to the events in the comic. Asta, pregnant at 16, married and gave up her baby. She left her abusive husband the same day Harry crashed four months ago; she sees his burning spaceship flying through the sky.
   Harry is not mocked by the locals and is better versed in the culture prior to being the town doctor. Harry quickly learns to like and respect the local residents of the town. Harry uses his cell phone to look up slang terms he hears (and is called by) such as douche-bag and taint. He is repulsed by the terms. Harry has a low opinion of humans in general.
   Asta's ex is not abusive after she leaves him. Harry does not appear to be stronger than humans. Asta is confronted by her ex-husband; he starts beating her. Harry comes to her rescue, beating him up severely by punching through a house wall and choking him. Asta stops Harry from killing her ex.
   Harry goes to the funeral and senses that no one present could be the murderer. He is unable to get close to the group of mourners due to the sorrow he can feel coming from them. Harry goes to the old doctor's funeral at the cemetery where he opens the coffin and looks at the body.
   Harry determines that Dr. Hodges and two others in town were murdered by the son of a Vietnam vet who blamed the three men for his father's misfortune. Harry (alien) does not solve the murder of Dr. Hodges during season one, although he said Hodges died when he tried to give himself a Tracheotomy after being poisoned. The sheriff arrests Dr. Hodges widow on suspicion of his murder by contaminating his insulin with botulinum toxin. Harry (human) is revealed in a flashback to have been the one who poisoned Dr. Hodges.
   This does not happen in the comic. Harry finds the real Harry's corpse in the lake and hides it in his freezer. The police find one of the feet. Harry substitutes a sample of other human skin as a sample to the lab to cover his tracks.
   Alien Harry did leave behind a girlfriend on his home planet. Everyone Harry knows on his home planet will have died by the time he returns home. Harry's wife Isabelle shows up at the cabin. They have sex a few times and she wants to resume their marriage instead of finalizing the divorce. Harry drugs her several times so he can search the nearby glacier for pieces of his ship. Isabelle returns to New York.
   Little is revealed about the “men in black” organization. They at first thought Harry's ship was an aircraft from another country, not another planet. General McCallister has been searching for Harry's spaceship since it crashed. As a little child she saw an alien craft much like his and has been searching for the last 50 years for evidence of alien life.
   The people looking for Harry are not violent. But one of the agents does drug a nurse to gain entry to a house and spy on Harry. Two of General McCallister's civilian agents, David and Lisa, arrive in Patience to investigate. They talk to a man who saw Harry in his alien form when he was traveling towards Colorado shortly after his crash. Lisa murders the man and steals the manuscript of the book he was writing about the encounter.
   A temporary replacement is found for Harry when he travels out of town, but the temp is a young arrogant doctor that is disliked by the clinic staff. Dr. Ethan stone shows up to replace Harry; who is jealous. The people of Patience like him.
   This does not happen in the comic books. While experimenting with drugs and alcohol, Harry communicates with an octopus in a restaurant tank.
   The only people who know Harry's real nature are Asta and her father. Most of Harry's time away from the doctor's office is devoted to investigating crimes and solving mysteries. Harry and the boy Max make a truce. Harry tells him he is an alien and needs to find parts of his ship to go home. Max helps Harry locate his missing device on the glacier because he can sense the object's green glow through a telescope.
   Harry is attacked by Lance the man who killed Dr. Hodges and two others in town. Asta accidentally shoots Harry in the leg and wounds the man who attacked Harry. Harry locates the final piece he is looking for. D'Arcy and Asta search for and find him on the glacier, but then are trapped when a crack opens up and they all fall in. Harry breaks his leg and is in danger of bleeding to death. D'Arcy rescues Asta and Harry.
   Harry maintains his human appearance to others even when operated on and given morphine for the pain. Harry is unable to maintain his human appearance when injured. He eventually reverts back to his alien appearance.
   This does not happen in the comic book. Although Harry does travel to NYC to investigate another alien who used to live on Earth. Harry and Asta go to a UFO convention so he can look for an alien artifact to repair the device he will use to kill humanity. He tries to cut a small alien device out of a woman who claimed to have been implanted, but admits it is a BB from a rifle. Harry is confronted by a man who can see through his disguise. Harry cuts out a small tracking device from the man's neck and tells him that he will never see the aliens that stole his wife's unborn son or his son again because "the Grays got what they wanted".
   Harry's true alien form is revealed when the subject of a photo or video. Harry is only shown in his alien form in the comic. Harry's human appearance holds up when photographed. Harry normally appears in his human form, except to the boy Max who sees through his disguise and anyone else (Asta and her father) who saw him when he was seriously injured.
   Harry's ship is found right away after the crash. They have not located Harry yet although they do have several video and photographs of him in various places and are trying to locate Asta (based on her appearance, not her name) to track Harry. General McCallister's people eventually find Harry's spaceship and put it in a building to examine it. There they determine that Harry might be there to destroy humanity.
   Harry is tracked down near Patience by one of the agent looking for him. The agent reports to his boss that Patience is a dead end. Lisa and David track down Max and force him to tell who the alien is. He say it is Dr. Ethan Stone. Lisa kidnaps Dr. Stone and turns him over to McCallister who orders her to murder David. But she is interrupted by people on the street and flees with McCallister.
   Eventually Harry receives a message that a rescue ship is on the way. While Harry is awaiting rescue, he is confronted by one of the men in black agents. The agent says that seeing the alien ship is a dream come true; he takes Harry's place on the alien ship while Harry stays behind to be with Asta as he has come to greatly like life on Earth. Harry finds his ship in the building where it is hidden. Max and Asta also show up but are arrested by McCallister's men. Harry knocks them all out and rescues Asta. Astra convinces Harry not to destroy humanity. Harry leaves Earth without killing anyone else, but finds Max stowed away on his ship and will probably return him home. End of Season One.
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