What's the Difference between Resident Alien the Comic Book and Resident Alien the TV Show?

Science Fiction

Resident Alien

Released: 2012
Publisher: Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse

Resident Alien

Released: 2021
Creator: Chris Sheridan
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel
Portrayed by: Alan Tudyk
Asta Twelvetrees
Asta Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Sara Tomko
Sheriff Mike
Mike Thompson
Portrayed by: Corey Reynolds
Dan Twelvetrees
Dan Twelvetrees
Portrayed by: Gary Farmer
Mayor Cuthbert C. Hawthorne
Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Portrayed by: Levi Fiehler
This Character does not appear.
D'arcy Morin
Portrayed by: Alice Wetterlund
This Character does not appear.
Max Hawthorn
Portrayed by: Judah Prehn
Un-named Government Official
General McCallister
Portrayed by: Linda Hamilton
Resident Alien Comic Book vs TV Show
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In the Comic Book In the TV Show
   The mission was already complete and Harry was on his way home. Harry only has a small case of devices and supplies with him. His ship was immediately confiscated by the “men in black”. He is not searching for it as it crashed in Utah and he lives in Washington state. Harry spends lots time prior to becoming the town doctor searching for a device lost during his crash, he needs it to repair his ship and complete his mission. He continues to search while working in town.
   Harry moved in to the cabin two years ago by the time the Sheriff and deputy Delbert arrive to bring him into town to investigate the death of Doctor Hodges. He acts like a normal human although he is nervous about being around people. After living at the cabin by the lake in Patience, the police request Harry's assistance in investigating the murder of the town's doctor. He acts strange like he is not familiar with American customs and this confuses people.
   The mayor is his early 60's and single. The mayor is late 20's, early 30's. Married with a young son named Max.
   Dr. Hodges was killed with a long blade outside. Harry thinks he was murdered by someone taller than the victim. There are drugs missing from the doctor's office. Doctor Hodges was killed with a scalpel to the throat inside of his office. While investigating, Harry immediately says the doctor killed himself.
   Asta sees a blurry vision at times when she looks at Harry, but does not think it is due to his alien nature. An optometrist says her vision is good. Asta does not see anything different about Harry. Her father, Dan, says he feels nothing when he looks at Harry and this bothers him.
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