What's the Difference between Killing Floor the Book and Reacher the TV Show?


Killing Floor

Released: 1997
Author: Lee Child


Released: 2022
Creator: Nick Santora
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In the Book In the TV Show
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher
Portrayed by: Alan Ritchson
Oscar Finlay
Oscar Finlay
Portrayed by: Malcolm Goodwin
Roscoe Conklin
Portrayed by: Willa Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Chris Webser
Grover Teale
Grover Teale
Portrayed by: Bruce McGill
This Character does not appear.
Frances Neagley
Portrayed by: Maria Sten
Old Barber
Portrayed by: Willie Carpenter
Reacher Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Set in the late 1990's Set in 2021.
   This does not happen in the book. Reacher assaults KJ in a diner after KJ vandalizes Roscoe's car.
   Kliner Sr. is a large cruel man, so is his son KJ. Kline Sr. appears to be a well groomed business man. His son KJ is a slim handsome cruel psychopath.
   Kliner Sr. murdered Jack Reacher's brother Joe when he went to Margrave Georgia to investigate the counterfeiting ring. KJ murdered Joe Reacher when he was investigating the counterfeiting ring.
   The Kliner ring buys up millions of one dollar bills and ships them to Venezuela to have the ink bleached out then re-printed as one hundred dollar bills. Some of the bills are shipped back to Margrave for Kliner's use. The one dollar bills are bleached and re-printed as one hundred dollar bills in Margrave, then sent across the USA and overseas.
   The Coast Guard's drug interdiction operations interfered with smuggling the dollar bills to Venezuela. Kliner Sr. recently restarted shipping the bills again but was far behind and had a large amount of money in his warehouse in Margrave. When the flow of money stopped, the Venezuelan criminal cartel started causing trouble for the Kliners in Margrave by killing any loose ends in the organization.
   Some Venezuelan criminals assisted Kliner in his counterfeiting ring. Reacher described the Venezulean hit man as former special forces as they fought well and with a certain style.
   This did not happen in the book. KJ murdered his father, Kliner Sr. as he felt his father was not strong enough to run the counterfeiting ring properly.
   Reacher and Roscoe have a brief intense affair. They sleep together once.
   Reacher traveled from Tampa Florida to Margrave Georgia partly to talk about Blind Blake, a guitar player who died decades ago. A 90 year old black woman, the sister of the old town barber, told Reacher that Blind Blake was murdered in the street by the father of Mayor Teale after Blake accidentally bumped into the then ten year old boy on the sidewalk instead of stepping aside to let him pass. Reacher talked to some people who knew of Blind Blake, but no one that ever met him.
   The barber shop owned by the two old black men (not named) hid the property of the deceased detective Gray with orders to only give it to Roscoe when she asked. The men also aided and hid anyone who was in trouble and needed their help. The barber, Mosley, hid Detective gray's property and gave it to Roscoe and Reacher when they asked.
   When Kliner's men invade Hubble's house to kill Reacher, he kills them without much problem, including KJ. Reacher kills the four men who invade Hubble's house looking for him. Reacher is beaten badly by one of KJ's friends with a crowbar, but does not bruise too much. KJ is not with the men who attack Reacher.
   Frances Neagley is not in the book and Reacher is only aided by Finlay, Roscoe and Hubble when fighting. One of Reacher's friends, Frances Neagley, assists him a few times.
   Stevenson is one of the good police officers in Margrave. He and his wife are not attacked. Kliner's men torture and murder Stevenson, his wife and unborn child.
   Paul Hubble crashes his Bentley into the police station to rescue Finlay. Reacher crashes a truck into the police station, killing officer Baker by pinning him between the truck and jail cell. He rescues Finlay.
   Reacher, Paul Hubble and Finlay attack Kliner's warehouse to kill the rest of the counterfeiters and rescue Roscoe, Charlie Hubble and the Hubble children. Frances Neagley joins the men attacking the warehouse.
   Reacher kills the two guards outside the warehouse, including officer Baker. Finlay set fire to the warehouse. Reacher kills Kliner Sr. and Picard inside the warehouse, then escapes before it explodes Neagley kills the guards outside the warehouse with a suppressed AR-15 rifle. Finlay and Reacher set fire to the warehouse. Neagley kills most of the men in the warehouse while Reacher, Finlay and Hubble kill KJ, Picard and several other men.
   Reacher says goodbye to Finlay and Roscoe then leaves town to avoid questioning by the police/FBI and possible detainment as a material witness. Reacher says goodbye to his friends then leaves town after burying a French medal that belonged to his mother's father, at the site his brother was killed.
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