What's the Difference between Bad Luck and Trouble the Book and Reacher Season 2 the TV Show?


Bad Luck and Trouble

Released: 2007
Author: Lee Child

Reacher Season 2

Released: 2023
Creator: Nick Santora
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In the Book In the TV Show
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher
Portrayed by: Alan Ritchson
Frances Neagley
Frances Neagley
Portrayed by: Maria Sten
David O'Donnell
David O'Donnell
Portrayed by: Shaun Sipos
Karla Dixon
Karla Dixon
Portrayed by: Serinda Swan
Shane Langston
Allen Lamaison
Portrayed by: Robert Patrick
Margaret Berenson
Marlo Burns
Portrayed by: Christina Cox
Azhari Mahmoud
Azhari Mahmoud
Portrayed by: Ferdinand Kingsley
Charles Brant
Gaitano 'Guy' Russo
Portrayed by: Domenick Lombardozzi
This Character does not appear.
Oscar Finlay
Portrayed by: Malcolm Goodwin
Reacher Season 2 Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Set in 2007. Starts with Calvin Franz being dropped from a helicopter into the desert 50 miles north-east of Los Angeles. Set in 2023. Starts in the Catskill mountains north of New York City with a man dropped from a helicopter to the ground.
   No kidnapping/carjacking/clothes shopping. Reacher sees $1030 deposited in his bank account while withdrawing money from an ATM in Portland Oregon because he spent his money on dinner with a cute attorney before sleeping with her. He calls the bank and is able to find out that Frances Neagley sent him the money. He contacts the security agency where she is a partner, and is told by her assistant that she is flying to LA and he has to find her there. Reacher is buying new clothes and discarding his old ones. He needs to go to the ATM where he finds the victim of a carjacking/kidnapping. He incapacitates the carjacker. Reacher looks at his ATM receipt and sees a deposit for $1030 which is a code Neagley uses to inform him that he needs to call her. Neagley tells Reacher that Calvin Franz has died and he needs to get to NYC quickly.
   These flashbacks are not in the book. There are details on Reacher’s reason for leaving the Army in the novel, “The Affair”. Reacher investigates a corrupt US Army captain and his Senator father. Reacher eventually murders them both and leaves their car to be hit by an oncoming train. Reacher is disillusioned by the military and resigns his commission to roam the country. There are numerous flashbacks throughout each episode that show Unit 110 and their activities involving previous criminal cases as a means to introduce the characters that are dead at the beginning of the series. Unit 110 is trying to bring down US Army officers involved in a drug smuggling operation. The unit is ordered by Col Fields to drop the investigation to avoid embarrassing the local commanding officer. Unit 110 makes the bust anyway and the careers of all of the Unit are ruined. Reacher resigns his commission soon after and starts drifting.
   Reacher finds Neagley at a Denny’s Diner in Hollywood; she determined that Reacher would be headed there for food after deciding she would be in Hollywood. She is actually staying at the Wilshire in Beverly Hills. She tells him that Franz is dead and that someone might have thrown him out of an airplane. Mrs. Franz called Neagley to report his death, noting about assistance required. Reacher tracks Neagley down at a café in NYC. She tells him Franz was found dead in the mountains. Franz was working on something and wanted to talk to Neagley about something.
   Reacher thinks Franz’s widow is deceptive when talking to him about her husband’s death. She gives them keys to her husband’s place of business. Their house was not ransacked. Franz’s widow talks to Neagley and Reacher. Mrs. Franz says she could not contact Franz while he was out working on something while she was out of town. She returned home to find her home ransacked. Franz dealt with wall street type clients. He no longer handled dangerous clients. She gives Reacher the keys to Franz’s office.
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