What's the Difference between Black Hawk Down the Book and Black Hawk Down the Movie?


Black Hawk Down

Released: 1999
Author: Mark Bowden

Black Hawk Down

Released: 2001
Director: Ridley Scott
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Black Hawk Down Book vs Movie
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   Durant actually believed the two snipers were part of a larger rescue team securing the crash site. He only realised that they were his only help after Gordon was killed and Shughart asks Durant how to set up the Black Hawk's radio to call for help. When the two Delta snipers, Shughart and Gordon reach Durant, Shughart tells him almost straight away that they are the only ones there to rescue him.
   This never actually happened, there is a large weapon used by the militia to bombard Lt Perino's position but it is taken out by Sgt Howe's Delta team just using grenade launchers, it is also not a vehicle mounted weapon as it is fired from the window of a building. After securing Crash Site Two, Hoot and his small team of 'D-boys' and SPC Sizemore move to Crash Site One and encounter a vehicle mounted heavy weapon firing upon Eversmann's position. They sneak up on them, silently kill the crew with garrote wire then use the weapon to destroy another of the militia's 'technicals.'
   No soldier had nightvision goggles, not even Delta(Operators) When they take down the RPG truck and 50 cal. attacking the base, the operators are shown wearing nightvison goggles
   Super Six One actually landed in a narrow alleyway surrounded by quite small one story houses. The area where the first Black Hawk (Super Six One) crash lands is a large open area surrounded by large 2-3 story buildings.
   The rangers marked targets and close contact did the rest. The Rangers fired strobe lights at their targets at night.
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