What's the Difference between Black Hawk Down the Book and Black Hawk Down the Movie?


Black Hawk Down

Released: 1999
Author: Mark Bowden

Black Hawk Down

Released: 2001
Director: Ridley Scott
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Black Hawk Down Book vs Movie
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   Schmid was actually a Delta medic. SFC Kurt Schmid is a Ranger Medic.
   Super Six One actually landed in a narrow alleyway surrounded by quite small one story houses. The area where the first Black Hawk (Super Six One) crash lands is a large open area surrounded by large 2-3 story buildings.
   This did happen but it was actually a small force led by Delta operator, Sgt John 'Mace' Macejunas who reached Durant's crash site on foot only to find no sign of the crew or Shughart and Gordon. Sizemore was not part of this group and neither was Hoot who was still pinned down at Crash Site One. The group were also not part of the second Humvee convoy sent out earlier in the day but part of the huge rescue convoy sent into the city that night. In the rescue convoy of Humvees sent out in a desperate attempt to reach Crash Site Two, they drive around the city unable to reach it so a small team of Delta Operators and Rangers (including SPC Dale Sizemore) commanded by Sgt Norman 'Hoot' Hooten, volunteers to move to the crash site on foot instead.
   He was actually called John Stebbins and was awarded a Silver Star for his part in the battle. He was convicted some years later of child abuse and it seems this was the reason for the controversial change of name. The lovable company clerk, coffee barista and unlikely hero, portrayed by Ewan McGregor is named as SPC John Grimes.
   Durant actually believed the two snipers were part of a larger rescue team securing the crash site. He only realised that they were his only help after Gordon was killed and Shughart asks Durant how to set up the Black Hawk's radio to call for help. When the two Delta snipers, Shughart and Gordon reach Durant, Shughart tells him almost straight away that they are the only ones there to rescue him.
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