What's the Difference between Red Dawn the Movie Original and Red Dawn the Movie ReMake ?


Red Dawn

Released: 1984
Director: John Milius

Red Dawn

Released: 2012
Director: Dan Bradley
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In the Movie In the Movie
Jed Eckert
Portrayed by: Patrick Swayze
Jed Eckert
Portrayed by: Chris Hemsworth
Portrayed by: C. Thomas Howell
Portrayed by: Josh Hutcherson
Matt Eckert
Portrayed by: Charlie Sheen
Matt Eckert
Portrayed by: Josh Peck
Red Dawn Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   Jed is a former student and lives in town. Jed is a Marine home for a weeks visit.
   The invasion begins while the kids are in class. Jed and Matt are at home when they hear explosions.
   Jed arrives at school in his truck to pick up Matt and several others. Jed and Matt are together at home. Their father tells them to go and the pick up others along the way.
   Jed and Matt's father is a regular citizen. He is a police officer.
   Daryl is white. He is black.
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