What's the Difference between Black Hawk Down the Book and Black Hawk Down the Movie?


Black Hawk Down

Released: 1999
Author: Mark Bowden

Black Hawk Down

Released: 2001
Director: Ridley Scott
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Black Hawk Down Book vs Movie
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   He was actually called John Stebbins and was awarded a Silver Star for his part in the battle. He was convicted some years later of child abuse and it seems this was the reason for the controversial change of name. The lovable company clerk, coffee barista and unlikely hero, portrayed by Ewan McGregor is named as SPC John Grimes.
   This never actually happened. Yurek did stumble upon a terrified group of young Somali children and their teacher in a small tin hut while guarding his corner of the target building but he just tells them to stay down and don't move then leaves them with a guard. The incident with the father and son is never mentioned and Yurek is never separated from his Chalk team during the fight. While moving to the first crash site on foot, Sgt Yurek comes under fire from a Somali man and his young son, he becomes separated from his Chalk team and stumbles into the house of a scared Somali woman and a group of children. He then slowly exits through the back door but miraculously slips and falls just as the young Somali boy opens fire, missing Yurek and hitting his father instead. Yurek then moves to the crash site alone until he finds Twombly and Nelson.
   The story is told from several perspectives. The story is only told by the American soldiers.
   Ruiz was actually manning the 50 Cal of his Humvee on the Lost Convoy when he was hit and eventually returned to base after the convoy failed to reach Crash Site One. He was evacuated but died on his way to a hospital in Germany along with Delta operator, 'Griz' Martin. Sgt. Ruiz was mortally wounded while moving to Crash Site One on foot with Cpt Steele and a group of Delta operators then remains in the city throughout the night.
   Pilla was actually killed while he was shooting out of the left hand back seat of the Humvee. Ruiz and Cavaco were the only men killed while in the turret of a Humvee. Sergeant Pilla was killed while manning his Humvee's 50 Cal.
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