What's the Difference between Watchmen the Graphic Novel and Watchmen the Movie?

Super Hero


Released: 1986
Author: Alan Moore


Released: 2009
Director: Zack Snyder
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
Edward Blake/The Comedian
Edward Blake/The Comedian
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan
Portrayed by: Billy Crudup
Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Portrayed by: Matthew Goode
Portrayed by: Jackie Earle Haley
Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl
Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl
Portrayed by: Patrick Wilson
Laurie Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre II
Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II
Portrayed by: Malin Åkerman
Hollis Mason/Nite Owl I
Hollis Mason/Nite Owl I
Portrayed by: Stephen McHattie
Young Hollis Mason
Young Hollis Mason
Portrayed by: Clint Carleton
Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I
Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I
Portrayed by: Carla Gugino
Captain Metropolis
Captain Metropolis
Portrayed by: Darryl Scheelar
Watchmen Graphic Novel vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
   Rorschach was born in 1940 making him 45 years old in 1985. The television report of his arrest says he is 35 years old.
   Rorschach tells his shrink in prison about how he got started. He worked at a garment company and they made a dress for a woman that she didn't like. He kept it and turned it into his mask. It had moving liquid between latex, so it was always changing. He later read that the woman was raped and murdered and none of her neighbors did anything about it, even though they heard it all. He became Rorschach after that so he could look at himself in the mirror. His mask isn't discussed. He only tells the story of the child kidnapper that he killed.
   Rorschach handcuffs the child murderer to the stove. He hands him a hacksaw and pours kerosene over everything. He tells him he shouldn't waste time trying to saw through the cuffs. Then he drops a match and walks out. He just hacks his head to pieces with the cleaver.
   Laurie is at Dan's underground lair and she sees his ship is on, so she goes inside. She tries to find a cigarette lighter but hits the flamethrower button. She enters the ship and turns it on. She isn't smoking and hits the flame thrower button because she is curious.
   Dan and Laurie kiss and attempt to have sex. Ozymandias is on the TV doing gymnastics. After Dan wakes up next to Laurie from his bad dream he goes downstairs and puts on his night vision goggles. She comes down and he tells her about his dream. The TV shows the Russians advancing on Afghanistan. She finds him standing naked without his goggles and he doesn't mention the dream.
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