What's the Difference between Spider-Man the Comic Book and Spider-Man the Movie?

Super Hero


Released: 1962
Publisher: Marvel


Released: 2002
Director: Sam Raimi
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In the Comic Book In the Movie
Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Portrayed by: Tobey Maguire
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
Portrayed by: Willem Dafoe
Spider-Man Comic Book vs Movie
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In the Comic Book In the Movie
   Peter develops the web shooters himself. He has to refill them in order to keep shooting webs. After being bitten by the radioactive spider Peter develops holes in his wrists that shoot spider webs when he curls his fingers into his palm.
   Peter is attending a radiation exhibit at the local science hall when he is bitten by a spider. He goes on a field trip with his high school to the Oscorp lab.
   Peter is introduced to Mary Jane by his Aunt May while he is in University. Mary Jane lives next door to Peter while he is in high school.
   The Green Goblin's mask features blinking eyes and a moving mouth. The Green Goblin's mask does not convey emotion.

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