What's the Difference between Kick-Ass the Graphic Novel and Kick-Ass the Movie?

Super Hero


Released: 2008
Author: Icon (Marvel)


Released: 2010
Director: Matthew Vaughn
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass
Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass
Portrayed by: Aaron Johnson
Kick-Ass Graphic Novel vs Movie
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
   Big Daddy quizzes Hit Girl on a communication device whilst she is killing gangsters in a bar, with him providing over-watch with a sniper rifle. He quizzes Hit Girl in the armory while she plays with her new knife.
   Big Daddy and Hit Girl follow Kick-Ass to his home. They track him to his home by re-routing his IP address and tracing a discharge from his taser.
   Big Daddy is not actually an ex-cop in the comics, as he admits to Genovese and Dave shortly before his death. He was in fact an accountant who, much like Dave, fantasized about being a superhero. He made up a fake history of himself and lied that he was an ex-cop with a personal vendetta against John Genovese. Big Daddy is a former Cop who was framed as a drug dealer. This is why he was thrown off the force.
   Big Daddy gets shot in the back of the neck with the bullet exiting through his eye socket. He is set on fire and dies from his burns.
   When Kick-Ass is being tortured he has a car battery hooked up to his testes and is shocked extensively. He gets beaten up and the attack is broadcast on the internet.
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