What's the Difference between Under the Skin the Book and Under the Skin the Movie?

Science Fiction

Under the Skin

Released: 2000
Author: Michel Faber

Under the Skin

Released: 2013
Director: Jonathon Glazer
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In the Book In the Movie
the Girl
Portrayed by: Scarlett Johansson
Amlis Vess
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the Biker
Portrayed by: Jeremy McWilliams
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The Woodsman
Portrayed by: Dave Acton
Under the Skin Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Isserley is a canine-like quadruped alien surgically altered to appear more human. She needs to shave her thick body hair, wear a wig, clothes and glasses to pass as a somewhat disfigured human female with large breasts. The Girl in the movie appears to be a beautiful female even when nude. She is covered in fake skin to hide her real features.
   Isserley (the girl) and her alien supervisor are the only ones surgically altered to appear human. The biker who collects some bodies appears to be a human male.
   Isserley uses a red Corolla to pick up male hitchhikers. She uses drugged needles concealed in the passenger seat to knock them out. The Girl uses a white van to transport the men to her place. They go willingly.
   Isserley enjoys walking on the beach, she admires sheep as they remind her of children on her home planet. The girl appears on the beach, but to capture a victim.
   Isserley tries to pick up hitchhiking men without local connections who are well muscled and in good physical condition. The Girl is not as choosy about their condition, she does question men about local ties.
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