What's the Difference between RoboCop the Movie Original and RoboCop the Movie ReMake ?



Released: 1987
Director: Paul Verhoeven


Released: 2014
Director: José Padilha
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In the Movie In the Movie
Alex RoboCop Murphy
Portrayed by: Peter Weller
Alex RoboCop Murphy
Portrayed by: Joel Kinnaman
RoboCop Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   RoboCop has a black eye slot. He has a red led accross his helmet.
   Murphy's memory is wiped away. His memory is left intact.
   OmniCorp has included directive 4 in RoboCop's programming so he cannot kill anyone who works for OmniCorp. There is no directive 4, but there is a no kill list that he must follow.
   RoboCop cannot be shut down. He can be shut down wirelessly by OmniCorp.
   RoboCop gets around in a regular cop car. He has a custom motorcycle.
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