What's the Difference between The Finest Hours the Book and The Finest Hours the Movie?


The Finest Hours

Released: 2009
Author: Michael J. Tougias

The Finest Hours

Released: 2016
Director: Craig Gillespie
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In the Book In the Movie
Bernie Webber
Bernie Webber
Portrayed by: Chris Pine
Richard Livesey
Richard Livesey
Portrayed by: Ben Foster
Andy Fitzgerald
Andy Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Kyle Gallner
Ervin Maske
Ervin Maske
Portrayed by: John Magaro
Ray Sybert
Ray Sybert
Portrayed by: Casey Affleck
Daniel Cluff
Daniel Cluff
Portrayed by: Eric Bana
Miriam Webber
Miriam Webber
Portrayed by: Holliday Grainger
The Finest Hours Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   This does not happen in the book.. Bernie gets crap from the chief about Miriam asking Bernie to marry her.
   The power doesn't go out. Bernie guided the boat back to the fishing pier without assistance from shore other than a lighted buoy. The storm causes the power to go out at Chatham Station causing people to worry if Bernie can make it back. Miriam and others line their cars up on the shore to provide light to guide CG36500 back to the dock.
   This drama was not played out in the book. The SS Pendleton's bilge pumps go out. Some of the crew continue to give Sybert grief about their situation.
   There is much detail on the SS Mercer splitting up and the rescue attempts. Bernie and other men hear radio reports about the Fort Mercer breaking up. Few other details on the SS Mercer in the movie.
   The lights remain on during the rescue. Water continues to rise on the SS Pendleton and shorts out the generators; the lights go out.
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