What's the Difference between The Finest Hours the Book and The Finest Hours the Movie?


The Finest Hours

Released: 2009
Author: Michael J. Tougias

The Finest Hours

Released: 2016
Director: Craig Gillespie
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In the Book In the Movie
Bernie Webber
Bernie Webber
Portrayed by: Chris Pine
Richard Livesey
Richard Livesey
Portrayed by: Ben Foster
Andy Fitzgerald
Andy Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Kyle Gallner
Ervin Maske
Ervin Maske
Portrayed by: John Magaro
Ray Sybert
Ray Sybert
Portrayed by: Casey Affleck
Daniel Cluff
Daniel Cluff
Portrayed by: Eric Bana
Miriam Webber
Miriam Webber
Portrayed by: Holliday Grainger
The Finest Hours Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The book opens with Bernie Webber worrying about his wife Miriam who is home sick with the flu. The book contains much backstory on Bernie that is not in the movie. The movie opens with Bernie Webber meeting Miriam for the first time on a blind double date.
   This does not happen in the book. Bernie Webber was only involved in the recovery of the boat and bodies. A Mr. Nickerson confronts Bernie about an incident in which a loved one was lost at sea.
   Bernie meets Miriam's parents on a 2nd date in 1950. She asks him to marry her a few months later and he says no. She demands he take her home where he changes his mind as he wants to keep her. They are married in July 1950 about 18 months prior to the rescue of the SS Pendleton. At a dance a few months after they met, Miriam asks Bernie to marry her, he says no. But changes his mind after they talk about it a little bit. They agree to get married on April 16th.
   Sybert slows the ship to 7 knots on his own accord due to the storm. Engineer Sybert on the SS Pendleton is concerned that moving 7 knots will crack a weld on the ship and wants to slow to 3 knots. The captain refuses to slow down.
   18 year old seaman Bridges goes topside to investigate after the ship breaks up to see what the men on the bow section are up to. He returns to report that the bow section is drifting away. A middle aged crewman is sent topside to speak to the captain, but he finds the ship has already split in two; the bow sinks as he watches.
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