What's the Difference between RoboCop the Movie Original and RoboCop the Movie ReMake ?



Released: 1987
Director: Paul Verhoeven


Released: 2014
Director: José Padilha
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In the Movie In the Movie
Alex RoboCop Murphy
Portrayed by: Peter Weller
Alex RoboCop Murphy
Portrayed by: Joel Kinnaman
RoboCop Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   The Murphy family moves away after they believe Alex has been killed. His wife and child are central to the plot.
   Murphy dies and is brought back to life by the RoboCop project. Murphy is alive and is turned into RoboCop.
   Murphy and Lewis are new partners before he is gunned down. They are long time friends and partners.
   OmniCorp has included directive 4 in RoboCop's programming so he cannot kill anyone who works for OmniCorp. There is no directive 4, but there is a no kill list that he must follow.
   RoboCop is metalic grey. He has a different suit that is black.
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