What's the Difference between V for Vendetta the Graphic Novel and V for Vendetta the Movie?


V for Vendetta

Released: 1982
Author: Alan Moore

V for Vendetta

Released: 2006
Director: James McTeigue
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
Portrayed by: Hugo Weaving
Evey Hammond
Evey Hammond
Portrayed by: Natalie Portman
Adam Susan
Adam Sutler
Portrayed by: John Hurt
Eric Finch
Eric Finch
Portrayed by: Stephen Rea
V for Vendetta Graphic Novel vs Movie
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
   The Leader, Adam Susan is assassinated by Rosemary Almond during a parade. Creedy produces and kills Sutler in exchange for V's surrender and to supplant Sutler as the leader of Norsefire.
   Finch fatally shoots V, who dies in Evey's arms. V stages an amazing battle and defeats a dozen men with guns using only his signature knives. He is, however, mortally wounded in the fight, and makes it back to Evey only to die in her arms
   The Prime Minister's residence is the target of V's Viking Funeral. Evey puts his body on board the train with explosives. She then assumes the role of V, wearing his costume and mask. The Houses of Parliament are destroyed with V on the train, and Britain is left to ponder its future as thousands of people dressed in V's masks and cloaks watch the flames.
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