What's the Difference between V for Vendetta the Graphic Novel and V for Vendetta the Movie?


V for Vendetta

Released: 1982
Author: Alan Moore

V for Vendetta

Released: 2006
Director: James McTeigue
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In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
Portrayed by: Hugo Weaving
Evey Hammond
Evey Hammond
Portrayed by: Natalie Portman
Adam Susan
Adam Sutler
Portrayed by: John Hurt
Eric Finch
Eric Finch
Portrayed by: Stephen Rea
V for Vendetta Graphic Novel vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Graphic Novel In the Movie
   V stops a train carrying Prothero and kidnaps him. He is driven insane by a combination of an overdose of Batch 5 drugs and the shock of seeing his prized doll collection burned in a mock recreation of Camp Larkhill in V's headquarters. He remains incapacitated for the rest of the story. V goes to his house and kills him by lethal injection.
   Gordon is a criminal who hides Evey and has sex with her. He is murdered by a gangster. Gordon is Evey's boss at the TV station. He is gay. The government takes him and executes him for having a copy of the Quran.
   The year is 1997 and the world has suffered through nuclear war. It is 2020 and there was no nuclear blast, but Environmental issues.
   V was given a drug called "Batch 5" while at Larkhill that gave him super strength and agility. There is no mention of him taking Batch 5.
   Fitch goes to Larkhill and takes LSD to get into the mind of V. He visits Larkhill, but doesn't take any drugs.
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