What's the Difference between Under the Dome the Book and Under the Dome the TV Show?

Science Fiction

Under the Dome

Released: 2009
Author: Stephen King

Under the Dome

Released: 2013
Creator: Brian K. Vaughan
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In the Book In the TV Show
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara
Dale 'Barbie' Barbara
Portrayed by: Mike Vogel
"Big Jim" Rennie
"Big Jim" Rennie
Portrayed by: Dean Norris
Linda Everett
Linda Esquivel
Portrayed by: Natalie Martinez
Angie McCain
Angie McAlister
Portrayed by: Britt Robertson
Joe McClatchey
Joe McAlister
Portrayed by: Colin Ford
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Natalie Zea
Where is Dr Rusty Everett
This Character does not appear.
Dorthy had a baby?
This Character does not appear.
Junior the son
Junior the son
Portrayed by: Alex Koch
Under the Dome Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Angie McCain is killed by Junior Rennie in the beginning of the story. She lives and has a younger brother and has a relationship with Junior.
   Several of the police in town are away for a training exercise with the firefighters when the dome appears. All the cops are there and only the firefighters are away from town.
   Phil "the cook" Bushy is considered missing, though he is in fact hiding in the local christian radio station cooking crystal meth. Is described as caucasian. Phil Bushy is the Deejay at the local rock station, later becomes a volunteer police officer. Is african american.
   Air, water, lasers and radio signals get through the dome. Nothing can penetrate the dome.
   Julia Shumway is the editor of the Democrat, a paper that has been in her family for generations. Julia Shumway is the new editor of the paper, unknown to the town as yet.
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In the TV show Duke Perkins dies when his pacemaker explodes because he was too close to the dome.
02 Mar 2015 Anonymous
04 Feb 2015 Anonymous
I agree with one of the Anonymous users. If the dome is meant to be a literal separation on Chester Mill's sock-shaped border, why is it a dome and circular appearing?
03 Feb 2015 Anonymous
Plesae, Can you tell me what is cause of dome appearing?
03 Jan 2015 Anonymous
I'm liking the TV series better than the book, the characters are not so black and white as they are in the book. Junior and Big Jim actually have one or two redeeming features. Barbie is not a saint. I like that complexity of character, its interesting. Props to the TV writers, outdoing Stephen King aint easy.
31 Dec 2014 Anonymous
The book was just so good compared to the show, I find the show did not pay proper attention to the religious aspects of the book.
23 Sep 2014 Anonymous
#11 - There is a lesbian relationship in the book, between Samantha "Sammy" Bushey and Dodee Sanders, even though Sammy is married to "Chef"
12 Sep 2014 Anonymous
I love under the dome but I had to wait a full year for the next season to air in the UK:(
19 Aug 2014 Anonymous
In the book, Junior kills Angie and throws her in the pantry. Then he has to strangle Dodee when she is looking for her friend Angie to tell her about her mom and the plan crash.
22 Jul 2014 Anonymous
Duke Perkins is NOT alive and well in the tv series!! He died when the dome came down ... his pacemaker exploded. Same as in the book!
08 Jul 2014 Anonymous

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