What's the Difference between The Vampire Diaries the Book and The Vampire Diaries the TV Show?


The Vampire Diaries

Released: 1991
Author: L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries

Released: 2009
Creator: Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec
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In the Book In the TV Show
Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert
Portrayed by: Nina Dobrev
Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore
Portrayed by: Paul Wesley
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
Portrayed by: Ian Somerhalder
This Character does not appear.
Jeremy Gilbert
Portrayed by: Steven R. McQueen
Bonnie McCullough
Bonnie Bennett
Portrayed by: Katerina Graham
Katherine von Swartzchild
Katherine Petrova/Pierce
Portrayed by: Nina Dobrev
Margaret Gilbert
This Character does not appear.
Mrs. Flowers
This Character does not appear.
Matt Honeycutt
Matt Donovan
Portrayed by: Zach Roerig
Tyler Smallwood
Tyler Lockwood
Portrayed by: Michael Trevino
Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes
Portrayed by: Candice Accola
Meredith Sules
This Character does not appear.
Judith Maxwell
Jenna Sommers
Portrayed by: Sara Canning
The Vampire Diaries Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   In the books Caroline is pregnant by Tyler, and the baby turns her into a werewolf. In the show, Caroline doesn't get pregnant, and Katherine turns her into a vampire in season 2.
   Elena drinks Damon's blood and crashes her car into water and drowns. She becomes a vampire. Damon forces Elena to drink his blood so she can be protected when Klaus wants to sacrifice her. She dies, but a spell is used to keep her from becoming a Vampire.
   Damon drives a black Ferrari. Damon drives a blue Camaro convertible.
   Elena sister adopts a cat into the house and name it snowball, which is really Katherine pretending to be a cat, in disguise. This don't happen in the show, since Elena, have a brother, instead of little sister. Plus since season 1 the Gilbert house has been pet free.
   In the books, the weather changes a lot, from fall, to winter, to spring to summer. In the show time and months past, but the weather really don't change much, (except for a couple of episodes in season 1 when it was cold, like the episode where jeremy kissed anna ,in the woods, at that party.
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Damon loves being a vampire in both the tv show and the books. He said he couldn't think of anything more miserable than being human.
29 Dec 2016 Anonymous
Stefan and Caroline are now getting married in the show.
29 Nov 2016 Anonymous
the oldest supernatural creatures as of now through 8 seasons are, Silas and Qetsiyah original witches, and Amara original Doppelganger all (2000 years old). Sybil and seline both Sirens and are 2750 years old. Arcadius 3050 years old ruler of hell & Psychic.
29 Nov 2016 Anonymous
the oldest creatres as of now are Sybil, Amara, Qetsiyah, Sybil, seline, Arcadius.
29 Nov 2016 Anonymous
Ok the grammar in this needs to be checked, and its until not intil. also some of these differences are wrong
11 Oct 2016 Anonymous
Katherine is from Bulgaria in the show, not Romanis.
15 Aug 2016 Anonymous

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