What's the Difference between The Vampire Diaries the Book and The Vampire Diaries the TV Show?


The Vampire Diaries

Released: 1991
Author: L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries

Released: 2009
Creator: Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec
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In the Book In the TV Show
Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert
Portrayed by: Nina Dobrev
Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore
Portrayed by: Paul Wesley
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
Portrayed by: Ian Somerhalder
This Character does not appear.
Jeremy Gilbert
Portrayed by: Steven R. McQueen
Bonnie McCullough
Bonnie Bennett
Portrayed by: Katerina Graham
Katherine von Swartzchild
Katherine Petrova/Pierce
Portrayed by: Nina Dobrev
Margaret Gilbert
This Character does not appear.
Mrs. Flowers
This Character does not appear.
Matt Honeycutt
Matt Donovan
Portrayed by: Zach Roerig
Tyler Smallwood
Tyler Lockwood
Portrayed by: Michael Trevino
Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes
Portrayed by: Candice Accola
Meredith Sules
This Character does not appear.
Judith Maxwell
Jenna Sommers
Portrayed by: Sara Canning
The Vampire Diaries Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Elena has blond hair. She has brown hair.
   The Salvatore brothers are from Italy and were born in the late 15th century. The brothers are from Mystic Falls and became vampires during the civil war.
   The name of the town is Fells Church. The name of the town is Mystic Falls.
   Bonnie is white and is a psychic. Bonnie is black and is a witch.
   Elena has a four year old sister named Margaret. She has a teenaged brother named Jeremy.
   Stefan is staying at a boarding house run by Mrs. Flowers. He stays at the family house that was initially owned by his descendant Zack, before he was killed by Damon.
   Katherine is originally from Germany. She is from Romania.
   Vampires survive in sunlight when they wear lapis lazuli, a type of mineral. Katherine had a ring that contained it and so do the Salvatore brothers. They survive in the light thanks to rings made by witches.
   When Stefan arrives in town he forgets things and believes he may be responsible for killings that have been attributed to wild animals. It turns out to be Damon who is killing the townspeople. Stefan doesn't suffer any memory lapses, and he knows it is Damon who is killing people.
   The high school is named Robert E. Lee High School. It is called Mystic Falls High.
   Stefan and Damon fight over Katherine after she leaves and they kill each other. They are shot while trying to help Katherine escape and die.
   Elena's aunt is named Judith. Her aunt is named Jenna.
   Caroline is Elena's enemy. She steals her diary and threatens to tell the town the secret about Stefan. Caroline and Elena are the best of friends. Caroline never steals anything from her.
   Elena drinks Damon's blood and crashes her car into water and drowns. She becomes a vampire. Damon forces Elena to drink his blood so she can be protected when Klaus wants to sacrifice her. She dies, but a spell is used to keep her from becoming a Vampire.
   Elena has another best friend named Meredith. She doesn't have a friend named Meredith.
   Tyler's last name is Smallwood. It is Lockwood.
   A teacher was killed at the Halloween party, at school A teacher was killed in episode 3, at the football school game.
   Bonnie is kinda shy, and kinda like a mouse. Bonnie is strong, and independent
   caroline appearance the books is different,plus you see on one of the hard backcovers she has green eyes and red hair. on the show caroline has blonde hair and her eyes are a different color
   Meredith is described as a beautiful tall girl with olive skin. Her appearance in the books say she's a beautiful american indian, or middle eastern female. when meredith finally appears in season 3, she shown as average height, or shorter. And she has the apperance of a beautiful italin female.
   Meredith in the books is the same age as elena, bonnie, and is one of elena friends. In the show, she not one of elena friends, she older, and has finished school, and medical school, and is a doctor in her early 30's.
   In the books,damon is scared of meredith because she can see right through him. In the show damon isn't scared of meredith, but is scared of werewolf bites,shown in season 2.
   The vampires can read minds The vampires can't read minds but, has the power to control minds, erase memories, and hear what somebody is saying from long distances.
   Tyler is a werewolf Tyler is a werewolf, and vampire combined.
   Damon and Katerine an turn into animals. Katerine don't turn into animals when she vists in season 2. Plus all Damon turn into is a crow, at the start of season 1, but it's soon dropped later on in season 1.
   In the books it snows. A few of the later episodes of season 1 it's kinda chilly outside, but not cold enough for snow.
   Vicki is a student at the school, and isn't matt's sister. In the book matt is an only child. Vicki is matt's older sister.
   Vicki don't get turned into a vampire, but is murdered by klaus. Vicki is turned into a vampire by damon and is destroyed by stefan, to protect jeremy and elena.
   Sage is a guy who is assumed to be an oringal vampire. Sage is a redhead woman who was a lover of one of the oringal vampires.
   Elena adoptive parents, and jeremy real parents names are Thomas and Elizabeth. Elena adoptive parents, and jeremy real parents names are Grayson,and Miranda
   Matt last name is honeycutt matt last name is donovan
   Bonnie last name is McCullough Bonnie last name is bennett
   some of the characters have different birthdays from the tv show version. In the books, Elena birthday is July 4th,Damon birthday is October 31, and Bonnie birthday is September 8. In the tv shown version Elens birthday is either in June or August, Damon birthday is in June, and Bonnie birthday is February 15. But Stefan birthday stays the same in both versions Which is November 5.
   There are many 2000 years old creatures, among them: the old ones, phantoms, angels and the celestial court Only Silas is revealed to be 2000 years old
   Damon kisses Bonnie couple times and cares about her They despise each other
   Elena doesn't meet Damon at the boarding house. She does.
   In the books bonnie has 4 sisters In the show bonnie is an only child.
   In the books elena aunt/aunt boyfriend is still around when she gets ready to go the college. In the show neither elena aunt or the aunt boyfriend, is around when she finish highschool, and get ready for college. since both of them were killed off in the seasons 2 and 3, when elena was still in grade 11 and just starting grade 12.
   caroline is Elena's rival caroline is one of elena best friends, and it's more like Rebecca(Klaus sister) is her rival.(not counting katerine).
   In the book Honoria Fell possesses bonnie. In the show emily(bonnie ancestor) possesses bonnie.
   In the book Honoria Fell possesses bonnie while her, elena, and meredith is walking home through the cementery. In the show Emily (bonnie ancestor) Possesses her through a necklace caroline gives bonnie to go with her halloween costume. Which is really a necklace that belong to bonnie ancestor Emily.
   Elena goes to the dance with tyler to make stefan jealous. This don't happen on the tv show, when elena and stefan first meet.
   In the books Honoria Fell is a witch. Honoria Fell isn't a witch on the show.
   In the books Stefan don't have a old female friend named lexi. In the show he does.
   Her aunt Judith is marrying a man named Robert Her aunt Jenna is not engaged and is dating Alaric saltzman
   Meredith date Alaric shortly after the death of mr tanner. When Meredith does appear in season 3(as a doctor). She date Alaric way after his relationship with jenna has ended, after jenna is killed late in season 2.
   Bonnie is shown to chase guys, and fall in love quickly. Bonnie on the show, always keeps her mind on important things most of the time, like plans and spells. She is seen having fun with caroline and elena every now and then.
   In the books elena who is the main character becomes a vampire first. In the show it's caroline who is the main charcter who becomes a vampire first( not counting Vicki who wasn't a main character.)
   It was Katherine who was on the bridge to cause the car Elena was in, to drive off and crash into the water. In the show it was Rebekah.
   Stefan dates caroline, but then dislikes her. They are good friends on the show.
   Damon drives a black Ferrari. Damon drives a blue Camaro convertible.
   Damon loves being a vampire. Damon loves being a vampire, but misses being human beyond anything else.
   Stefan mom died a few years after he was born. when Stefan mom dies, he's about 9 or 10 years old.
   In the books Klaus was the one who turned Katherine into a vampire. In the show it was rose.
   In the book, Klaus comes into Vicki house and kills her( without being invited in.) In the show no vampire can get inside your house unless the person inside the house invite them in.
   In the book when Elena car drive off the bridge and she has the accident, it's December which is early winter. In the show, when this happen in season 3 finale, it's during the fall, around October, or November.
   In the book when Elena drove off the bridge in matt's car into the river, she was by herself In the show when Elena drives off the bridge into the river while in matt's car, matt was also in the car with her.
   In the books elena is starting grade 12, at the start of the first book The Awakening. In the show in the pilot episode, she is starting grade 11, and don't start grade 12 intil season 3.
   In the books Katherine last name is Von- Swartzschild. In the shows it's Petrova/Pierce.
   Caroline don't become a vampire in the books. Caroline does become a vampire on the show.
   Caroline lives with both of her parents. Caroline only lives with her mom.
   Stefan best friend is matt Stefan best friend is caroline.
   In the start of the first book Elena's parents have been dead for 3 years. At the start of season one Elena parents have dead for 3 months.
   Margret who is Elena little sister(in the books only) Didn't know much about her parents since they were killed when she was a baby, so their death didn't affect her much. Plus the parents really didn't get to really know their 2nd child, that much. Jeremy who is Elena younger brother(in the show only) Knew much about his parent since they were killed when he was around 14,according to the flashback during season 3 finale. Plus their death did affect him a lot, to cause him to use drugs, early in season 1. Plus they parents did get to know their 2nd child for 14 years before they were killed.
   Elena sister adopts a cat into the house and name it snowball, which is really Katherine pretending to be a cat, in disguise. This don't happen in the show, since Elena, have a brother, instead of little sister. Plus since season 1 the Gilbert house has been pet free.
   In the books when Elena and friends starts college, Bonnie starts along with them. She's so happy about starting, she buys a campus teddy bear out the book store, along with some markers. In the show at the start of season 5, Bonnie don't start college just yet at the same time as Elena, and Caroline, because she is still a ghost, after that spell she used to bring Jeremy back to life for good, late in season 4.
   In the book for Halloween, Elena wears a renaissance dress. In the show, for Halloween, in Season 1, episode "Haunted" Elena dress up as a nurse for Halloween.
   In the books it takes place in the early 90's from 1991, and up. On the show it takes place from 2009, and up. Plus they have cellphones something they didn't have in the early books. They didn't start using cellphones intil the much later, recent books.
   Elena starts out as a selfish girl, who always gets her way, and what she wants.Before she changes her ways. Elena is a girl who's caring, and care for people, and isn't selfish.
   Caroline last name is Truitt. Caroline last name is Forbes.
   Elena has blue eyes Elena has brown eyes.
   Tyler kills a girl named sue carson to awaken the werewolf gene inside of him. It happens at Meredith 18th birthday party. Tyler accidently kills a girl named sarah, when he tries to fend of her attack. This happened at the Masquerade party in season 2, episode 7.
   In the book, Damon and Stefan have their last showdown against Katerine in the cementery, Plus Elena is there to help, when she knocks Katerine into the sunlight, and kills her. Damon and Stefan have their showdown against Katherine at the Masquerade party in season 2 episode 7. Plus Elena isn't with them intil later in the episode. Plus to get rid of katerine she get locked up in a tomb for a while.
   In the book, Caroline who is Elena's rival,(instead of friend,unlike in the show) Plan to read her diary at the founder's day ceremony, and tell everybody Stefan is a vampire. Plus it is held on November 30. In the show the founder's day plot is different where the vampires from the tomb decide to kill the dwellers during the fireworks. But John Gilbert plot a scheme to destroy them. Plus instead of November, it happens in late February. In season 1 season finale episode Founder's day.
   In the books Caroline is pregnant by Tyler, and the baby turns her into a werewolf. In the show, Caroline doesn't get pregnant, and Katherine turns her into a vampire in season 2.
   Damon goes to the halloween party at the school dressed as the grim reaper. Damon don't go to the halloween party at the school instead, he goes to the grill in his normal clothes. But goes to the halloween party later when he tries to get bonnie's necklace.
   Elena goes to the halloween party with stefan and meet up with her friends. Elena and jeremy both go to the halloween party, then she meet up with her friends.
   The day after Halloween,Elena looks for Damon, to confront him about stuff that happened on halloween night. Days after the episode Haunted which was on Halloween, everybody is thinking a cover story, for why vicki left town. When she really was a vampire that was killed.
   Elena and her friends go to Dalcrest college. Elena and her friends go to Whitmore college.
   Meredith get turned into a vampire in one of the much later books. While she on the show as a doctor, not one of Elena friends,this event don't happen.
   In the books, the weather changes a lot, from fall, to winter, to spring to summer. In the show time and months past, but the weather really don't change much, (except for a couple of episodes in season 1 when it was cold, like the episode where jeremy kissed anna ,in the woods, at that party.
   Elena is the girly girl type that fix up, and wear makeup Elena is the type who also wears makeup but early episodes of season 1 and some episodes of season 2, she was kinda the tomboy type.
   They soon find out Meredith is a vampire hunter, in much later recent books. In season 4 Jeremy become the vampire hunter.
   Tyler tries to attack Elena in the grave yard. She is saved by Stefan. Tyler tries to attack Vikki in the woods at a party he was stopped by Jeremy.
   In the book the fury Elena dies at the end of the battle with Katherine, by knocking her into the sunlight. But the sunlight ends up killing her also, because she didn't get out the sun fast enough.This happens during the winter. Elena Does comes back 6 months later at Meredith birthday party, in the 4th book dark reunion Bonnie finds her way to bring her back since elena way contacting her in her dreams during the 6 months. Kai link Elena to Bonnie in season 6 finale, that as long as bonnie's alive Elena will stay dead. And if bonnie dies Elena will wake up.This happens during the spring.
   Caroline is Elena's enemy and goes into shock by Stephan's attack Caroline is one of Elena's best friends and gets compelled by Damon
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