What's the Difference between The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the Book and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the Movie?


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Released: 2005
Author: Steig Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Released: 2011
Director: David Fincher
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In the Book In the Movie
Mikael Blomkvist
Mikael Blomkvist
Portrayed by: Daniel Craig
Lisbeth Salander
Lisbeth Salander
Portrayed by: Rooney Mara
Henrik Vanger
Henrik Vanger
Portrayed by: Christopher Plummer
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Blomkvist is referred to by the nickname "Kalle" because of story he broke as a young journalist. There is a young detective in a series of children's books. His real first name is Carl. This isn't mentioned.
   Lisbeth is 24 years old. She is 23.
   Lisbeth has a pierced nose and both eyebrows. She has only one eyebrow pierced and also has a lip piercing.
   Dragan Armansky is attracted to Lisbeth and cares for her. He is only shown as her boss.
   Erika and Mikael draft a press release together at the Millennium offices. After they release it they spend the weekend together in bed. Erika comes to his apartment and they have sex. The next morning she finds him drafting the press release in his underwear.
   Lisbeth climbs up the drain pipe to get into Holger Palmgren's apartment after he misses his appointment. She find him in the hall. She was bringing him a book about chess and she enters his apartment and finds him on the floor.
   Lisbeth says that Bjurman is thin with blond thinning hair. He wore glasses and a fancy suit. He is a fat man with curly brown hair. He didn't wear glasses and wore a frumpy suit.
   Salander's laptop gets run over by a car. Someone tries to steal her bag in the subway. She fights him off, but the laptop is broken.
   Lisbeth visits her mother in a home and they talk about her sister Camilla. Her mother is never mentioned.
   Mikael has a sexual relationship with Cecilia Vanger. They don't.
   When Lisbeth goes to Bjurman's apartment to get money, he slaps her in the face and throws her on the bed. He jumps on top of her and rips off her t shirt and pulls off her pants and underwear. He grabs handcuffs and then ties her legs. He shoves something up her anus. She reaches out and he slaps the handcuffs on her. They struggle and then she wakes up on the bed with all fours chained. He tears off her underwear. He gets on top and puts a condom on and has anal sex with her.
   Lisbeth handcuffs Bjurman to his bed. She shoves a butt plug in his anus. She forces him to watch the full 90 minute video of her rape. Then she tattoos in red and blue ink, "I AM A SADISTIC PIG, A PERVERT, AND A RAPIST" on his body. She leaves him a key to the handcuffs when she leaves. She zipties him to the base of the bed. She shows him a clip of the video and then shoves a dildo into his anus. She kicks it several times. She uses black ink to tattoo "I AM A RAPIST PIG" on him. She leaves him wire cutters when she leaves.
   Mikael serves 90 days in jail as part of his sentence. He didn't get any jail time. Only a large fine.
   Mikael sees the ambulance and runs to the house. The housekeeper tells him Henrik complained of chest pains and collapsed. He runs across a field and flags down Martin in his car. He tells him he was with Henrik when his arm began hurting.
   Mikael's daughter tells him to continue his bible studies as she gets on the train. She saw the numbers in his room. She tells him to go easy on the Catholic's for whatever article he is writing.
   When Blomkvist realizes the numbers from Harriet's diary are bible verses he doesn't have a bible. He goes to Gottfried's cabin and finds Harriet's bible. She has the passages underlined. Blomkvist has the bible already. He visits Gottried's cabin later. The passages are not underlined.
   Blomkvist is stripped naked and hung by his neck in Martin's torture chamber. He is fully clothed. He is wearing a neck brace and is strung up by a hook around his shoulders.
   When Salander is leaving the Vanger corporation she forgets to leave the keys. She slaps the keys down on the guard's desk as she runs out.
   Martin lures Blomkvist into his torture chamber and beats him up. He is acting crazy and later gives him a drink of water. Martin is very calm the whole time. He puts an oxygen mask over his face while he gases Mikael. He doesn't beat him up. He gives him his drink of scotch.
   Lisbeth attacks Martin Vanger with the golf club and first hits him on the collar bone. She hits him three more times before she goes to help Mikael. She smashes him across the cheek once with the golf club then lets it drop.
   Lisbeth and Mikael go to London to talk to Anita Vanger. It is the first time Mikael talks to her. Plague sets up contact with another hacker named Trinity. He has a friend named Bob. They set up the security on Anita's phone and email. Lisbeth and Mikael are joined on the flight by Plague and an unnamed guy. They tap Anita's phone and email.
   Blomkvist's cat is burned to death. The cat is decapitated and it's front paws are snapped.
   Mikael is looking in the windows of Martin's house when he comes out and tells him he has a gun. He brings Mikael inside. Mikael goes into Martin's house while he isn't home. He grabs a knife. Martin returns and Blomkvist leaves. Martin sees him outside and offers him a drink. They go inside and Martin notices the missing knife and then pulls the gun.
   Mikael is looking in the windows of Martin's house when he comes out and tells him he has a gun. He brings Mikael inside. Mikael goes into Martin's house while he isn't home. He grabs a knife. Martin returns and Blomkvist leaves. Martin sees him outside and offers him a drink. They go inside and Martin notices the missing knife and then pulls the gun.
   Lisbeth offers her report on Blomkvist to Froder. She notes that he is having an affair with Berger. That is all she says. She tells Froder that Mikael performs cunnilingus but not enough in her opinion.
   Lisbeth owns a second hand Kawasaki 125 that she only used in the summer time. The bike was locked in her cellar during the winter. She drives a Honda Triumph at all times. He is seen driving it on the winter roads. This is a much larger faster bike than the Kawasaki.
   Erika comes to visit Mikael and they have dinner with Martin and his girlfriend. Mikael is alone when he has dinner with them.
   Harriet is living in Australia. Anita contacted her and Mikael went and found her. She used Anita's name to get out of the country. She has a husband and two sons. Harriet is living as Anita in London. She is single.
   Martin flees in his truck. He crashes head on into a transport truck. He is killed instantly. He crashes into a pole. He is alive. Lisbeth is going to shoot him with a handgun. The gas tank explodes.
   Lisbeth buys Mikael a metal Elvis sign as a Christmas gift. She buys him a leather motorcycle jacket.
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