What's the Difference between The Rocky Horror Show the Play and The Rocky Horror Picture Show the Movie?


The Rocky Horror Show

Released: 1973
Playwrite: Richard O'Brien

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Released: 1975
Director: Jim Sharman
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In the Play In the Movie
Dr. Frank N. Furter
Dr. Frank N. Furter
Portrayed by: Tim Curry
Brad Majors
Brad Majors
Portrayed by: Barry Bostwick
Janet Weiss
Janet Weiss
Portrayed by: Susan Sarandon
Portrayed by: Richard O'Brien
Portrayed by: Patricia Quinn
Portrayed by: Little Nell (Nell Campbell)
Dr. Scott
Dr. Scott
Portrayed by: Jonathan Adams
Portrayed by: Meatloaf
Rocky Horror
Rocky Horror
Portrayed by: Peter Hinwood
The Criminologist
Portrayed by: Charles Gray
This Character does not appear.
The Transylvanians
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Play vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Play In the Movie
   In the song "Planet Schmanet Janet," the dialogue section is performed as an intro to the song. In the song "Planet Schmanet Janet," the dialogue section is done in the middle of the song between verses.
   After Frank has trapped Janet, Brad, and Dr. Scott, he has them knocked out by Riff-Raff using an old-fashioned garden duster/bug sprayer. Instead of knocking out Columbia, it makes her very stoned. After Frank has trapped Janet, Brad, and Dr. Scott, he turns them into stone statues. Columbia is then also turned into a statue.
   The Floor Show costumes have a slight gender distinction with the women wearing sequined bras and the men wearing corsets. There is no distinction between the men's and women's Floor Show costumes.
   The full song "Superheroes" is performed. The first two verses of "Superheroes" is not included (in later official edits).
   "Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise)" is performed by The Usherette. "Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise)" is heard during closing credits.
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