What's the Difference between The Amazing Spider-Man the Comic Book and The Amazing Spider-Man the Movie?

Super Hero

The Amazing Spider-Man

Released: 1962
Publisher: Marvel

The Amazing Spider-Man

Released: 2012
Director: Marc Webb
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In the Comic Book In the Movie
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Portrayed by: Andrew Garfield
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy
Portrayed by: Emma Stone
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book vs Movie
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In the Comic Book In the Movie
   A thief steals money from the promoter of the wrestling match where Peter used his powers to make money. He didn't stop the thief because the promoter didn't pay him enough. The criminal went on to kill his Uncle Ben shortly after. Peter is short two cents for a chocolate milk and the guy at the convenience store won't let him take the two pennies from the take a penny box. As he is leaving, the guy behind him is buying beer and reaches over while the cashier is distracted and steals the money from the till. Peter sees and the crook throws him the chocolate milk. As he runs off the cashier comes out asking Peter to stop him, but he refuses, saying it is against his policy, echoing what he told him when he refused to let him take the two pennies. Uncle Ben is out looking for Peter and the crook trips and drops his gun. Uncle Ben tries to grab the gun, but he is shot and killed.
   Aunt May has white hair that is always in a bun. Her hair is brown with some gray. She doesn't wear it in a bun at all.
   Based on Ultimate Spider-Man comic book, Peter's first girfriend is Mary Jane. Based on Amazing Spider-Man comic book, Peter's first girfriend is Gwen Stacy. His girlfriend is Gwen Stacy. If the movie was based on Ultimate Spider-Man comic book (which is more likely), then the movie messed up.
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