What's the Difference between Life of Pi the Book and Life of Pi the Movie?


Life of Pi

Released: 2001
Author: Yann Martel

Life of Pi

Released: 2012
Director: Ang Lee
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In the Book In the Movie
Pi Patel
Pi Patel
Portrayed by: Suraj Sharma
Older Pi
Older Pi
Portrayed by: Irfran Khan
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Shravanthi Sainath
Life of Pi Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Pi mentions a few friends in Pondicherry, but they are all boys. He is shown watching a girl and she gives him a red string to wear around his wrist before he goes to Canada.
   When Pi discovers that the boat is sinking he tries to return to the lower decks but sees that it is underwater. He goes back up to find some crew to help. He sees the water and dives in to try and swim down to help his family.
   Pi sees a Gaur, an Indian Wild Ox, running on the deck in the rain. A Zebra swims past him when he tries to swim down to where his family is.
   Pi makes a small life raft out of a few oars lashed to a life buoy and several life jackets. The raft is also made up of several wooden boards that make it sturdier.
   Pi keeps the supplies of food and water in the hold on the Life raft and gets some when he needs it. He moves much of his supplies onto his small raft.
   He puts a note in a wine bottle he found in a floating fridge. Pi writes a note and puts in in a can of water and throws it into the water.
   This never happens. A whale is shown jumping out of the water and flying through the air and over Pi, Richard Parker and the life boat.
   The new school year starts and each student calls out their name and the teacher ticks their name off the list. The teacher calls out each student's name and the students say "Present".
   Pi stands up and goes to the board and renames himself Pi and also adds on the chalkboard n=3.14. The students all catch on and start chanting 3.14 along with him at each class. Pi writes the entire sequence of Pi on the board while the entire school gathers and cheers. A teacher grabs a book and verifies that he has memorized the entire sequence.
   The Writer talks to Mamaji in Pondicherry and he tells him the story. The writer decides that he must find Pi. The Writer doesn't hear the story from Mamaji, only that he should find Pi to hear the story. Pi tells the writer the entire story.
   This doesn't happen. Pi takes music lessons and goes to play the drum at a dance class. There he sees Aninda who he later follows. She becomes his girlfriend.
   Pi is on vacation and sees a Christian church and decides to go in. Ravi tells Pi he will give him two rupiahs if he goes into the Church and drinks the holy water.
   Pi has a teacher named Satish Kumar who comes to the Zoo. He tells Pi that he doesn't believe in religion and that religion is darkness. Pi's father says this to him.
   Pi's teacher, Mr. Kumar had polio when he was a child. He said it was western medicine that saved him. Where was God? He wasn't there to save him. Pi's father had polio and says this to him.
   The writer meets Pi's family before he hears about Pi's time on the boat with Richard Parker. After Pi has finished his entire story, the writer meets his wife and children.
   There is a whale under the boat. Pi notices it. Pi is looking into the glowing water and a whale jumps over the boat and its tail lands on the boat and sends everything into the water. Pi loses all his supplies.
   The life boat has twelve solar stills that he uses to get fresh water. He only has one.
   Pi kills and eats many turtles. He never eats any turtles.
   On several occasions the boat is filled with flying fish. There is only one scene of flying fish.
   A dorado jumps into the boat after the flying fish and when Richard Parker tries to go for it, Pi stares him down silently. Pi screams and jabs the jig at Richard Parker to keep him from getting the fish.
   Richard Parker is afraid of the water. He only jumps into the water when they are near the island. Richard Parker jumps into the water to chase a fish. He is swimming after Pi and he jumps onto the boat and is able to pull the raft on board. He eventually helps the tiger get back into the boat.
   Pi finds the Chinese sailors and asks for help. They grab him and throw him overboard. He falls onto the lifeboat and then the zebra jumps in. Pi comes along and finds the Chinese sailors trying to lower the life boat. The french cook is sitting in the back of the boat and another sailor is on the front. The zebra jumps onto the boat and knocks the others off the boat and Pi is left with the zebra.
   Pi shoves an oar under the tarpaulin and hung onto it. The bow of the boat had a wooden beam sticking out that Pi hung onto.
   Pi never gets into the boat. Pi jumps into the boat on many occasions.
   This doesn't happen. Pi's mother asks for a vegetarian meal on the freighter. The french cook gives her liver and sausage and Pi's father grabs him and tries to fight him.
   Pi is so hungry that he tries to eat Richard Parker's feces. He doesn't.
   The zebra has a fractured leg and the bone is sticking out. In the night the hyena bites off the leg and eats it. The zebra doesn't have a bone sticking through its leg. The hyena doesn't eat its leg. It just kills it quickly.
   Pi jumps off the boat when Richard Parker jumps on. He then pulls himself up. Pi jumps off the boat and swims down and watches the freighter sink.
   Pi and Richard Parker become blind. Pi's vision is blurred but he doesn't lose his sight completely.
   Pi trains Richard Parker to jump through a hoop. This doesn't happen.
   The lifeboat has a locker at the front that contains all the survival supplies. The locker opens and creates a barrier between Pi and Richard. There is a canvas bag in the front of the boat that contains the supplies. Richard Parker is very close.
   Pi finds the water but can't open it because he doesn't have a can opener. He eventually opens the can using the tarpaulin hooks. The cans have pop tops that Pi easily rips open.
   Pi drinks four cans of water and throws the empty tins into the ocean. Pi drinks the water but drops the cans onto his raft for safekeeping.
   Pi comes across another castaway. They are both blind and they talk for a while. Pi believes he is talking to Richard Parker but is confused by the french accent. Eventually the Frenchman jumps on the boat and wants to kill Pi, but Richard Parker jumps out and kills him. This doesn't happen.
   Pi eats some of the frenchman's flesh and uses it for bait. He later confesses to eating some of the Chinese sailor. He never says that he ate any human flesh.
   During a great storm Pi rushes to cover the boat with the tarpaulin so it doesn't sink. Pi yells at god and actually starts to remove the tarp. He then relents when he sees that Richard Parker will drown and covers it up again.
   Pi sees the floating island in the distance. Pi wakes up after the big storm inside the boat and it is resting at the edge of the island.
   Pi never touches Richard Parker or even gets very close to him. Pi goes into the boat and sits next to Richard Parker. He strokes his head and puts it into his lap.
   Pi hoards food while talking to the Japanese insurance inspectors. He hides food they give him under his blanket. There is no food in the scene with the Insurance people.
   After the hyena ate the zebra's leg it slowly attacked and gutted the zebra. The zebra lived on for another day until it died. The hyena quickly attacked the zebra and killed it.
   After the zebra has been attacked, Orange Juice the orangutang, hit the hyena in the head. After a short while the hyena attacked and after a few attempts gets Orange Juice by the wrist and eventually kills her. She is beheaded. In quick succession after killing the zebra, the hyena attacks Orange Juice and kills her. Her head stays on.
   The hyena paces around the front of the boat for a long time before Richard Parker eventually jumps out and kills it. Immediately after the hyena kills the zebra and Orange Juice, Richard Parker jumps out and kills the hyena.
   Pi is very hesitant when he first has to club a fish to death. He does it very slowly and deliberately. He quickly and fiercely uses the hatchet to kill the fish.
   Pi asks his father if he can be baptized and get a prayer rug. He has a prayer rug and after his father dismisses his religious views he asks if he can be baptized.
   Pi climbs down a rope from a tree on the island at night and puts his feet on the ground. He screams with pain. He realized that the island was carnivorous. He never hurts his feet. He realizes the nature of the island after finding one tooth in the tree.
   The meerkats swim into the pools and bring out the fish to eat. The fish are only seen as skeletons and the meerkats don't do into the water.
   Pi very slowly tries to train Richard Parker using his sea sickness and the whistle. He does it over many days. He seems to get the results he needs after only one attempt.
   Pi's mother doesn't work. Pi says that his mother studied Botany in University.
   Ravi is a star cricket player and Pi is compared to him. Ravi seems like a normal boy and his mother once mentions that he likes cricket.
   This doesn't happen. A sailor on the freighter comes to the family and tells them that he is a buhddist and he eats rice next to gravy. Pi later says that this sailor was injured and on the life boat with them.
   This doesn't happen. When Richard Parker jumps overboard to chase the fish, Pi jumps onto the boat and removes the floor boards and uses them to make the raft much bigger and stronger.
   Pi is quietly playing when his father comes and takes him and Ravi to the Tiger's cage. Babu the keeper of the cats delivers a goat into an adjacent cage. He unties the goat. The lone tiger, Mahisha is waiting. The gate between the two is opened and the tiger goes and kills the goat. Pi takes Ravi to the tiger's cage. He says he wants to see the new tiger, Richard Parker. He grabs some meat and holds it through the bars. Richard comes into view and Ravi runs away. Pi stares into the tiger's eyes. Pi's father arrives and pulls him away. He then gets the keeper to grab a goat. They tie it to the bars and wait while Richard Parker comes and kills the goat and pulls it through the bars and drags it off to eat it.
   Richard Parker marks his territory by peeing under the tarpaulin. Pi marks the top of the tarpaulin with his urine to establish his territory. Richard Parker doesn't retaliate Pi pees on the tarpaulin and Richard Parker retaliates by turning around and spraying him in the face
   Pi's religious mentors all come across Pi and his parents at the same time at a restaurant. They realize that he is practicing all 3 religions at the same time. A fact his parents were not aware of until this point. There is a debate between the mentors about their different religions and they tell Pi he must choose one. This run-in never happens. Pi's parents are aware of his religious practices. They tell him be must choose one over a family dinner.
   After telling the alternate story to the two Japanese insurance people he asks them which of the two stories they like better. They agree they like the story with the animals better. This story is presented as a transcript. Pi has the transcript and give it to the writer. After telling the writer about the alternate story with the sailor, cook and his mother he asks the writer which story he liked better. The writer says the one with the animals.
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