What's the Difference between Divergent the Book and Divergent the Movie?



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Author: veronica roth


Released: 2014
Director: neil rogers
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Divergent Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The romance relationship between Christina and Will. They have a close friendship but their romance is nearly existent.
   Four gets drunk by the chasm. This scene doesn't feature in the film.
   Tris gets 3 crows tattooed across her collarbone, one for each member of her family she left behind. In the movie she simply picks up a picture of the crows at random as says: "I want this one."
   Jeanine is only introduced later in the book. Jeanine is introduced early in the movie.
   Tris gets the Abnegation and Dauntless symbols tattooed on her shoulders. This doesn't feature in the film.
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yesterday was my birthday!!!
07 Oct 2014 Anonymous
07 Oct 2014 Anonymous
In the book, Tris does start to call Four "Tobias", and she doesn't in the movie. You got that wrong.
19 Sep 2014 Anonymous
These differences are not interseting. Really, u pick these little indeferences. I can thinking of a million beter. For starting how about the ending of the book. In the book Four is running the simulation and in the movie he is held captive and later attacks Tris. Also in the book it is pretty obvious that four is divergent, wherry's in the movie it takes a white longe rit figure out. Not that i care that much. After all it is a movie AND a book. Theo don't have to be identical, just as long as
17 Sep 2014 Anonymous
It's not "stimulation", its "simulation".
02 Sep 2014 Anonymous
Someone wrote 'fractionless' not 'factionless'!!!!!!!!!
02 Sep 2014 MarleneCandor30121
I think one of them's mixed up. Tris calls Four 'Tobias' in the book not the movie.
30 Aug 2014 Anonymous
04 Jun 2014 Anonymous
nobody cares
26 May 2014 Anonymous
Tris doesn't say I love you till the 2nd book
12 May 2014 Anonymous

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