What's the Difference between Flowers For Algernon the Book and Charley the Movie?


Flowers For Algernon

Released: 1966
Author: Daniel Keyes


Released: 1968
Director: Ralph Nelson
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In the Book In the Movie
Charlie Gordon
Charlie Gordon
Alice Kinnian
Alice Kinnian
Portrayed by: Charlie
Charley Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The story is told as a series of journal entries made by Charlie prior to and after his surgery as he develops and regresses. It is told in a typical fashion including a montage.
   Charlie has a brief loving intimate relationship with Alice. Charlie forces Alice to kiss him, he stops when she slaps him.
   After his intelligence greatly increases Charlie leaves Beekman (taking Algernon with him) and lives in an apartment. When not drinking he continues research the experiment that made him more intelligent. Charley leaves and a montage shows him experiencing he counter culture. He returns and asks Alice to marry him.
   Charlie has a relationship with Fay Lillman a neighbor near his apartment. She later avoids him as he regresses. Fay does not appear in the movie.
   Charlie writes in great detail about his childhood as his mother struggled with his retardation. No back story on Charley's past.
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