What's the Difference between The Little White Horse the Book and The Secret of Moonacre the Movie?


The Little White Horse

Released: 1946
Author: Elizabeth Goudge

The Secret of Moonacre

Released: 2010
Director: Gabor Csupo
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In the Book In the Movie
Maria Merryweather
Maria Merryweather
Portrayed by: Dakota Blue Richards
Miss Heliotrope
Miss Heliotrope
Portrayed by: Juliet Steveson
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Tamás Tóth
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: György Szathmári
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The Secret of Moonacre Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The book opens with Maria, Miss Heliotrope, and Wiggins the dog in the carriage on the way to Moonacre. It is described that the great deal of debt he left after his death forced them to sell most of their belongings and Maria's childhood home in London. It is also described that Maria's mother died when she was a baby. The movie opens with the funeral of Maria's father. She is shown to lay a rose on both her father's casket and her mother's grave.
   This didn't happen. During her father's funeral, Maria spots a strange boy in a stone gazebo who seems to disappear when she looks away.
   This didn't happen. Maria and Miss Heliotrope go to see a lawyer that informs them that her father lost everything, and then gives Maria a book about Moonacre as her "inheritance".
   The book details through prose that Maria was not sad at her father's passing, as he was often abroad and not fond of children. It then explains that Miss Heliotrope and Maria love each other dearly, as Miss Heliotrope raised Maria from infancy. Miss Heliotrope tries to awkwardly comfort Maria about her mostly absent father's death, before Maria snaps at her in grief and she leaves. Maria then pulls out the book her father left her. It glows as she reads it.
   This didn't happen. Maria reads the story of the Moon princess, who was so pure of heart she was beloved by nature and given a gift of magical pearls by the moon. She was a daughter of the de Noir family, and to be wed to Sir Wrolf Merryweather. Her father gifted the couple a black lion to bless the union. Wrolf gave his bride a unicorn in return. The Moon Princess reveals the pearls to them, which have the power to reveal the truth in men's hearts.

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