What's the Difference between Jaws the Book and Jaws the Movie?



Released: 1974
Author: Peter Benchley


Released: 1975
Director: Steven Spielberg
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In the Book In the Movie
Martin Brody
Martin Brody
Portrayed by: Roy Scheider
Matt Hooper
Matt Hooper
Portrayed by: Richard Dreyfuss
Sam Quint
Sam Quint
Portrayed by: Robert Shaw
Jaws Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Each day Body, Quint and Hooper return to shore to try again the next day to kill the shark. They stay out on the water without returning.
   Hooper goes into the shark cage to attempt to kill the shark with a boom stick. He wants to use a hypodermic needle to inject the fish with strychnine.
   Jaws crushes Hooper's cage and kills him. Jaws attempts to crush the cage and gets stuck in it's remains allowing Hooper to escape and live.
   Quint uses other sharks and a dolphin and it's fetus as bait for the shark. This doesn't happen instead he used fish guts.
   Deputy Hendricks finds the shark's tooth in Ben Gardner's boat and presents it to the mayor. Matt Hooper finds the tooth while scuba diving in Ben Gardner's boat, but he looses it when he finds Gardner's corpse and becomes frightened.
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