What's the Difference between Jaws the Book and Jaws the Movie?



Released: 1974
Author: Peter Benchley


Released: 1975
Director: Steven Spielberg
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In the Book In the Movie
Martin Brody
Martin Brody
Portrayed by: Roy Scheider
Matt Hooper
Matt Hooper
Portrayed by: Richard Dreyfuss
Sam Quint
Sam Quint
Portrayed by: Robert Shaw
Jaws Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Martin and Ellen have three sons Billy, Martin Jr. And Shawn. Martin and Ellen have two sons Michael and Shawn.
   After being harpooned three times by Quint, Jaws is bearing down on Brody. He waits for certain death, but before the shark can get to him it dies from it's wound.s Brody shoves a scuba tank into Jaws' mouth as it is attempting to kill him. He takes Quint's rifle and shoots the scuba tank causing an explosion that obliterates the shark.
   Chief Brody's wife has an affair with Hooper. This doesn't happen.
   Mayor Vaughn owes money to the Mafia, who pressure him to keep the beaches open to keep real estate prices high. This isn't mentioned.
   The shark kills an old man shortly after it kills Alex Kintner This doesn't happen.
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