What's the Difference between Carrie the Book and Carrie the Movie?



Released: 1974
Author: Stephen King


Released: 2013
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In the Book In the Movie
Carrie White
Carrie White
Portrayed by: Sissy Spacek
Portrayed by: Maurice Denham
Carrie Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Carrie's mother stabs her in the shoulder. She stabs her in the back.
   The book ends with a woman's letter describing her niece who is developing telekinesis. It didn't happen.
   Carrie wipes out most of the town on her rampage after the school prank. The damage is limited to her school.
   Carrie makes her own prom gown--a heavy velvet number in keeping with shyness Carrie makes her own prom gown--a chic slinky number out of character
   The people at the prom are actually laughing at Carrie when the the blood is dumped on her; sort of a mass hysteria; one student even trips her before she runs out. It is only in Carrie's imagination that everyone is laughing at her when the blood is dumped on her at the prom. Only Norma Watson pretends to laugh at her.
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