What's the Difference between Carrie the Book and Carrie the Movie?



Released: 1974
Author: Stephen King


Released: 2013
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In the Book In the Movie
Carrie White
Carrie White
Portrayed by: Sissy Spacek
Portrayed by: Maurice Denham
Carrie Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Sue worries about Carrie at the prom but is also worried that she might be pregnant. Sue secretly goes to the prom to make sure everything is okay for Carrie.
   Tina Blake replaces the ballots with fake ones so Carrie is elected prom queen. Norma Watson and Freddie rig the election after they make a deal with Chris.
   After Carrie is covered in the pig's blood she runs from the gym and falls. She then returns and slams all the doors and turns on the sprinkler system, causing several people to be electrocuted. She then snaps and sets the gym on fire. After the blood covers her, she turns on the fire hose and it whips around and knocks people out. Miss Collins is killed by a falling rafter. A few people are electrocuted which causes the fire in the gym.
   Chris and Billy are making love at the local road house when the disaster occurs at the gym. They escape the gym and witness the scene through a window.
   Carrie goes home and her mother tells her she was raped and that is how Carrie was conceived. She goes home and takes a bath and cries in her mother's arms.
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