What's the Difference between Carrie the Book and Carrie the Movie?



Released: 1974
Author: Stephen King


Released: 1976
Director: Brian De Palma
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In the Book In the Movie
Carrie White
Carrie White
Portrayed by: Sissy Spacek
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In the Book In the Movie
   After Carrie is covered in the pig's blood she runs from the gym and falls. She then returns and slams all the doors and turns on the sprinkler system, causing several people to be electrocuted. She then snaps and sets the gym on fire. After the blood covers her, she turns on the fire hose and it whips around and knocks people out. Miss Collins is killed by a falling rafter. A few people are electrocuted which causes the fire in the gym.
   Billy is portrayed as a sociopath who never seems to smile or laugh. Billy seems to be a goofy idiot always grinning and laughing.
   Carrie is slightly overweight with long, dirty blonde hair and many pimples. She is thin and has clear skin.
   Tommy asks Carrie to the prom at school and after determining that he isn't tricking her, she accepts. After Tommy asks Carrie to the prom she runs away from him. Later it is revealed she said no. Tommy then asks Carrie again at her house.
   Carrie collapses in the road house parking lot where Sue finds her. Carrie reads her mind to find out Sue knew nothing about the prank. Carrie decides not to kill her. This doesn't happen because Carrie is already dead. Sue escapes the gym carnage because Miss Collins kicks her out.
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