What's the Difference between Twilight the Book and Twilight the Movie?



Released: 2005
Author: Stephanie Meyer


Released: 2007
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In the Book In the Movie
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen
Portrayed by: Robert Pattinson
Bella Swan
Bella Swan
Portrayed by: Kristen Stewart
Jacob Black
Jacob Black
Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen
Portrayed by: Alice Cullen
Twilight Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Bella tells Edward that she knows he is a vampire in his car. This happens in a meadow.
   Alice tells Bella how a person becomes a vampire as Edward doesn't want her to know. Edward tells her.
   The website where Bella researches about vampires is called "Vampires A - Z." Bella uses Google to find freezerstorageDs.com
   Edward and Bella say, " I love you " several times. Edward and Bella never say, " I love you ".
   Eric and Mike are in Bella's English class. It's Biology.
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