What's the Difference between Total Recall the Movie Original and Total Recall the Movie ReMake ?


Total Recall

Released: 1990
Director: Paul Verhoeven

Total Recall

Released: 2012
Director: Len Wiseman
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In the Movie In the Movie
Doug Quaid/Hauser
Portrayed by: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Doug Quaid/Hauser
Portrayed by: Colin Farrell
Total Recall Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   Quaid goes to Mars. He doesn't.
   Quaid is disguised as a woman while attempting to get through a security checkpoint. He is wearing a mask that starts to malfunction. He is disguised as a man and it is a holographic projection instead of an actual mask that he is wearing.
   Quaid's wife, Lori attacks him early in the film and is later killed by Melina. She plays a minor role. She is one of the main villians and persues him throughout most of the film.
   Quaid has a tracking device in his brain. He removes it with a device he shoves up his nose. He has a phone that is inside his hand. He cuts it out.
   Cohaagen wants to kill everyone on Mars and then use an ancient alien technology to make air so he can rule the world. Cohaagen wants to wipe out the Colony because space is at a premium.
   The resistance is run by Kuato. He is a mutant that lives on the back of another guy. The resistance leader is Matthias He isn't a mutant.
   Most of the story takes place on Mars. The story takes place between Australia and England.
   After Quaid gets to Mars he goes to a bar where he is propositioned by a three breasted prostitute. He sees the three breasted prostitute when he is first looking for Rekall.
   Quaid is visited by someone claiming to be a doctor. He tells him he is having a psychotic break and that he could shoot him if he wanted because he wasn't really there. Hauser saw a drop of sweat on his brow and realized it was real and then shot the doctor. It was Harry, Quaid's work friend who is sent in. He tells Quaid he needs to shoot Melina and when Hauser sees her crying he shoots Harry in the head.
   Cohaagen has a henchman named Richter who is actually the boyfriend of Lori. He is always after Quaid. Lori plays the henchman of Cohaagen.
   Lori has an American accent. She starts with an American accent, and then when she reveals that she isn't really Quaid's wife she speaks with an English accent.
   Quaid is given a box containing a video player where he speaks to himself. He tells him to remove the bug and go to Mars. The case also has money and weapons. He gets a call from another agent, Hammond. He tells him to get rid of the phone. He gets a message to go to a bank. There he finds a box with money and a video of himself telling him to go to his apartment. At the apartment he plays the piano and it has a special key. He can then have a conversation with virtual Hauser.
   Quaid works in construction before all hell breaks loose. He works in a factory building robots.
   There are some robots that drive taxis. The robots are a huge army and a big part of the story.
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