What's the Difference between The Walking Dead the Graphic Novel and The Walking Dead the TV Show?


The Walking Dead

Released: 2003
Author: Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead

Released: 2010
Creator: Frank Darabont
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In the Graphic Novel In the TV Show
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes
Portrayed by: Andrew Lincoln
The Walking Dead Graphic Novel vs TV Show
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In the Graphic Novel In the TV Show
   Glenn discovers Rick when he first enters the city and helps him escape. Glenn is not alone and has a group of other survivors with him when the help Rick.
   There are no Dixon Brothers. The Dixon brothers are part of the group outside of Atlanta. Merle is cuffed on top of the building in the first episode by Rick, and is left to die. His brother is back at the camp and wonders where he is.
   Shane and Lori have a one night stand. They are romantically engaged during the time they believe Rick to be dead. When Rick comes back, Lori wants to end it, but Shane isn't convinced.
   Shane is killed by Rick and Lori's son Carl. He sees Shane in a confrontation with his father and shoots him. Shane is one of the survivors who make it to the CDC building in Atlanta. He survives the first season.
   This doesn't happen. Rick sees a young girl with a teddy bear while he is looking for gas on his way to Atlanta. The girl is a zombie and she runs at him. He draws his gun and shoots her in the head.
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