What's the Difference between The Road the Book and The Road the Movie?


The Road

Released: 2007
Author: Cormac McCarthy

The Road

Released: 2009
Director: John Hillcoat
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The Road Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Only a few flashbacks. More flashbacks
   The mother commits suicide. The mother walks away from her husband and son.
   Hope of renewal of the planet can be taken from a fish swimming in a stream A beetle flew from a can of chewing tobacco
   ?they found clean water in a house that helped them survive longer Not shown
   In the book, the boy and father had lost their shopping cart and were therefore only able to take the food they could carry. They in fact ran out before reaching the coast. They were able to take so much food that they were able to leave a can for a robber.
   The fear of being seen was more clearly portrayed. They would sit out in the open.
   The boy and father follow a group of two men and a pregnant woman to see if they are safe. The women gives birth - however, in the morning, the charred remains of the baby are found. The group ate the baby, rather than finding food for yet another mouth. This is not in the movie. Too harsh for audiences?
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