What's the Difference between The Stand the Book and The Stand the Movie?


The Stand

Released: 1978
Author: Stephen King

The Stand

Released: 2020
Director: Josh Boone and Benjamin Cavell
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In the Book In the Movie
Frannie Goldsmith
Frannie Goldsmith
Portrayed by: Odessa Young
Stu Redman
Stu Redman
Portrayed by: James Marsden
The Stand Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Larry goes on a week long bender after his record deal and ends up owing a lot of money to a dealer. He leaves town and heads to New York to see his mother. Larry is in New York for a show. His Mom shows up to watch. He doesn't owe anyone money that we see.
   Nick is beaten up on the side of the road by some guys who'd seen him in a bar earlier. He is beaten up in the bar moments after entering.
   Stu first meets with a Doctor who is wearing a full hazmat suit. He threatens them that he won't cooperate unless someone tells him what is going on. They send in Col Deets who is wearing gloves and a nose tube to protect him. He tells Stu some truth. We only see Stu after he has refused to help. They send in Dr. Ellis. He isn't wearing any protective gear at all.
   There is a single Guinea pig named Geraldo who is sharing Stu's air that leads them to believe he isn't contagious. There are several unnamed Guinea pigs in a case next to Stu's room.
   Lloyd and Poke start their crime spree by robbing another criminal named "Gorgeous" George. This is never mentioned, but Lloyd's cellmate is named George, and he tells Lloyd to call him Gorgeous.
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