What's the Difference between The Martian the Book and The Martian the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Martian

Released: 2011
Author: Andy Weir

The Martian

Released: 2015
Director: Ridley Scott
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In the Book In the Movie
Mark Watney
Mark Watney
Portrayed by: Matt Damon
Mark Watney's parents
This Character does not appear.
Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis
Portrayed by: Jessica Chastain
Venkat Kapoor
Vincent Kapoor
Portrayed by: Chiwetel Ejiofor
The Martian Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Watney flips his rover while driving across a crater and looses a few days making repairs. This does not happen.
   Watney uses nearly all available space of the HAB including the crews bunks to grow potatoes. Watney uses only the one room for the crops.
   Bruce Ng, flies to Houston for meetings. Bruce never leaves JPL in California. He is always shown on video conference.
   Mark mistakenly shorts out the pathfinder with a drill and loses communications with Earth. He doesn't and is able to communicate the whole time.
   The published book ends with Watney feeling fortunate about his rescue and waiting for the pain killers to kick in before he takes a shower. An alternate ending shows Watney eating pizza back on Earth during a break from training the Ares 6 crew. When asked by a boy if he plans on going into space again, he says **** no!!! The movie ends with Watney training wanna-be astronauts and shows the Ares 5 launch with Martinez as part of the crew which includes a Chinese astronaut. Lewis is at home with her husband. Beck and Johanssen are in the maternity ward with their new born baby and Vogel is with his family.
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