What's the Difference between The Martian the Book and The Martian the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Martian

Released: 2011
Author: Andy Weir

The Martian

Released: 2015
Director: Ridley Scott
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In the Book In the Movie
Mark Watney
Mark Watney
Portrayed by: Matt Damon
Mark Watney's parents
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Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis
Portrayed by: Jessica Chastain
Venkat Kapoor
Vincent Kapoor
Portrayed by: Chiwetel Ejiofor
The Martian Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Mark goes into great detail about the science he is using to fix his situation. He says he's going to have to "science the shit of this" in regards to fixing his situation.
   Mark says the crew had 56 days of food for redundancy. He says they had 68 days of food.
   The crew evacuates on Sol 6. They leave the HAB together when Watney is lost and presumed dead. They evacuate on Sol 18. Martinez is prepping the MAV when the rest of the crew evacuates.
   Watney wakes up to the high oxygen alarm outside. He pulls the antenna out of his hip and seals it with a patch kit. He returns to the HAB where he sutures his wound. Watney awakes to an oxygen warning and walks into the HAB where he removes the antenna piece. He digs around in his abdomen then staples the wound shut.
   The terms of the Chinese supplying a booster for the supply vessel are more detailed. They will trade the booster for the right to select and train their own astronaut for Ares 5. These details are not revealed until the end of the movie.
   In the event that the re-supply mission fails, Commander Lewis selects Johannsen to survive. The rest of the crew will die allowing her to eat the rest of the food and survive on the corpses. This is not mentioned.
   Mitch Henderson refuses to admit that he sent the course change to the crew over Teddy Sanders' objections. Mitch stands his ground and insults Teddy. Mitch does not admit to sending the course change information but totally knuckles under and agrees to resign after Ares 3 returns.
   When Isis fails, Watney is instructed to write to the other crew members in case he dies. He tells Lewis it is not her fault he is stranded, encourages Beck to tell Johanssen how he (Beck) feels, encourages Johanssen to be botanist cool and carry a switchblade, tells Vogel that he is secret agent (german accent, base on Mars, chemistry bkgd) and asks Martinez comfort his parents. Watney writes to Lewis and asks that she speak to his parents.
   Watney uses nearly all available space of the HAB including the crews bunks to grow potatoes. Watney uses only the one room for the crops.
   When the HAB air lock explosively detaches, it takes Watney much longer to repair his suit (with glue patches) and to roll the air lock (while inside) to the HAB to retrieve another suit to use. Watney repairs his face plate with tape and takes his time inspecting the HAB.
   While making modifications to the rover, Watney accidentally fries the electronics of Pathfinder with the "Pathfinder Murdering Drill". He then uses rocks to spell our morse code to one way communicate with NASA. The Pathfinder radio is never damaged.
   Watney has to carefully ration his carbon dioxide cartridges for his suits as he has a limited supply. This is not a concern.
   Watney brushes his teeth and shaves each day. Watney has brown teeth prior to his arrival at the Ares 4 MAV and a beard.
   Watney must divert around a dust storm to avoid being trapped and dying from a lack of sunlight to power the rover and his life support. This does not happen.
   Watney flips his rover while driving across a crater and looses a few days making repairs. This does not happen.
   Watney drives the rover while in shorts and a t-shirt. He stays in his space suit.
   Watney goes into great detail about his efforts to bring the oxygenator and other equipment. These details are hardly mentioned.
   After Watney arrives at the Ares 4 MAV, he modifies it and makes additional fuel using his extra water and urine. Nothing about making more fuel for the MAV.
   Beck and Johanssen become lovers after extending the mission. This is not mentioned.
   After Vogel rigs the VAL door to explode he returns to the airlock in his space suit to assist Beck in retrieving Watney. Vogel remains in the control room.
   The Hermes is able to close the distance to within the length of the 200 meter tether. The Hermes is too far away to retrieve Watney with the tether.
   Beck is able to use the MMU to reach Watney and grab hold of him so Vogel can reel them in to the Hermes. Lewis uses the MMU to rescue Watney, but is too far away. Watney punctures his suit to thrust towards Lewis (like Ironman) who grabs him so Beck can pull them in.
   The published book ends with Watney feeling fortunate about his rescue and waiting for the pain killers to kick in before he takes a shower. An alternate ending shows Watney eating pizza back on Earth during a break from training the Ares 6 crew. When asked by a boy if he plans on going into space again, he says **** no!!! The movie ends with Watney training wanna-be astronauts and shows the Ares 5 launch with Martinez as part of the crew which includes a Chinese astronaut. Lewis is at home with her husband. Beck and Johanssen are in the maternity ward with their new born baby and Vogel is with his family.
   While Watney is being retrieved by Beck he shuts off his microphone so no one can hear him scream like a little girl from the pain of his broken ribs. He leaves the microphone on and doesn't scream in pain.
   Hermes is only allowed direct communication with Watney when they are about 40 light minutes from Mars. Previously they sent e-mails which were screened by NASA. Watney thanks Johanssen for coming to get him, she warns him not to make anymore jokes about Lewis stranding him on Mars. When Johanssen turns her back to the keyboard, Martinez sends (as Johanssen), "Mark, I want to make love to you when you return, prepare your body". Johanssen immediately sends a message saying that it was Martinez who said that. Watney says he really misses them. Hermes converses with Watney while on the way back to Mars. Martinez teases Watney about how they have more room on the ship without him and that they have to perform his botany duties.
   The story begins with Mark Watney giving his first Log Entry. The film begins with the crew of the Ares 3 discovering the storm and aborting the mission.
   Mark explains everything with a lot of scientific detail. He glosses over most of it and we see him succeed a lot.
   Mark said the last thing he remembered before being hit by the dish, was Johanssen reaching out towards him. Watney was the last in the line and it was impossible to see him get hit by the dish. The crew knew he was hit because of their alarms letting them know.
   Mark removed the piece of antenna out of his body while outside. Mark left the piece of antenna in his stomach. It was still attached to the dish so he first had to cut the wire.
   Mark has a puncture wound from the piece of antenna. Mark has a small piece of antenna lodged in his stomach that he must extract as if it were a bullet.
   Mark can't find the satellite dish that hit him. He never sees it again. When he wakes up it is sitting right next to him. He never mentions it again, but it was there.
   Mark has peas, beans and potatoes that he plans to make grow. He only focuses on the potatoes.
   Mark mentions taking vicodin for his sore back after lots of work digging the soil for his crops. He never complains of back pain, and only uses vicodin on his potatoes when he runs out of ketchup.
   Mark listens to Johanssen's Beatles collection. He makes it seem as though the only music available is Disco from Commander Lewis.
   Mark sweeps the dirt off the solar panels and it is very difficult. He is only shown using compressed air to clean them once.
   Mark watches Three's Company and the Dukes of Hazzard. He's only shown watching Happy Days.
   Mark spends a lot of time doubling his dirt before he plants the potatoes. He quickly spreads the dirt and fertilizes it and starts everything growing.
   During the process of making the water from the hydrazine, Mark says the alarms are constantly blaring. He never hears any alarms.
   Mark starts making the water and is successful. He blows up on his first attempt at making the water.
   Mark spends 2 days in the rover because the air is full of Hydrogen from his water making. He has to figure out how to clean the air. After blowing up, he successfully keeps making the water and it isn't an issue again.
   Mark captures water in the other's space suits. He doesn't capture the water.
   Venkat Kapoor is the NASA directory of Mars operations. Vincent Kapoor is his name.
   Mindy Park discovers the 2 pop tents Mark has set up for extra growing room on the satellite images. That is how she knows he is alive. Mark never uses the pop tents. Instead, Mindy sees that the Rover has been moved.
   Annie delivers the news to the media that Mark is still alive. Teddy gives the speech.
   CNN Dedicates a daily half hour show to Mark's recovery. Several people from NASA including Kapoor appear. This doesn't happen.
   Bruce Ng, flies to Houston for meetings. Bruce never leaves JPL in California. He is always shown on video conference.
   NASA has an early plan for Mark to use the MDV to fly across Mars to a different site. This is never mentioned.
   Mark's logs are written. He video records his logs.
   Pathfinder was half buried in the sand. Mark found it easily. Mark walked on the surface until he stepped on a parachute. Then he dug down. Pathfinder was completely buried.
   Mark has to lift a lot of heavy equipment around. The rover has a winch that makes moving things very easy.
   After Mark gets the Pathfinder working and realizes the signal was received by NASA he sits down and cries a lot. This doesn't happen.
   When Mark and Kapoor have their first contact and Mark learns that the crew doesn't know he is alive he swears. He is told to watch his language. He then says "Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.) What Mark says isn't shown, but it is made to appear as if it is bad and not an attempt at humor. Teddy is seen apologizing to the President in the next scene.
   Kapoor and Bruce communicate with Mark from JPL via the Pathfinder computers. That is all they have. They have set up an exact replica of the Pathfinder that they use while talking with Mark.
   Mark builds a makeshift hot tub after injuring his back. He doesn't.
   Mark mistakenly shorts out the pathfinder with a drill and loses communications with Earth. He doesn't and is able to communicate the whole time.
   Watney stays in the MAV until Beck reaches him and they latch on to each other and go back to the Hermes. Lewis reaches the end of the tether and Watney has to jump from the MAV and cut a hole in his glove to fly up to her.
   Mark labels his last 5 meals for different events. One includes surviving something he shouldn't, which he eats after the Rover flips. He only labels the last meal that he eats when he arrives at the Ares 4 site.
   Mark spends a lot of time modding the rover and making a "bedroom" to sleep and stretch out in it Doesn't happen and he appears to sleep on the ground during his trip to the Ares 4 site
   After the HAB airlock incident, Mark uses HAB canvas and sealant to cover the hole He appears to use some kind of cheap plastic from Walmart and duct tape
   Mark talks about rationing the food as being a hassle, but doesn't really mention his physical condition from it. They made it a point to visually show that he was almost starving to death
   While the Hermes crew saves him, Mark stays buckled and is in mental/physical distress from takeoff Mark is perched just inside the nose cone opening all excited and ready to go
   When Mark is on the Hermes, and he sees a crew mates reaction to his smell, he says something about smelling like a skunk shit on a dirty sock. As everyone is hugging him and whatnot, you hear a voice say "Oh a little stink" or something.
   The nose of the MAV covered with the super strong HAB canvas and sealed Mark uses what appears to be a parachute even though they call it HAB canvas and the HAB seems solid when they show it.
   Mitch is portrayed as a jerk that no one likes to work with Seems like an ok guy
   Annie Montrose seemed like a hard-as-nails, very outspoken woman who wasn't afraid of swearing like a truck-driver to make sure everyone in the room knew what she meant. She was like, eh, kinda there... not really that important. Usually when they showed her, she looked worried or like she was about to cry
   Mark says "If the Hab breaches, I'll just kind of explode." which is scientifically accurate. Mark says "If the Hab breaches, I'll just kind of implode." which is scientifically inaccurate.
   It is clear during the intercept to pick up Mark that his own ingenuity will not be enough to save him. He must rely on the ingenuity of the team on Hermes, and it is their ability to retrofit a solution and work as a team that saves his life. Mark is able to save himself by cutting a hole in his glove, flying directly to Lewis (why is she there?) using "a thrust vector that he can barely control", instead of flying off into space and dying from depressurization as would likely have happened in reality.
   Mark turns his comm off and "screams like a little girl" from the pain of his broken ribs when he's transported to Hermes Seems perfectly fine with the broken ribs
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