What's the Difference between The Evil Dead the Movie Original and Evil Dead the Movie ReMake ?


The Evil Dead

Released: 1981
Director: Sam Raimi

Evil Dead

Released: 2013
Director: Fede Alvarez
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In the Movie In the Movie
Portrayed by: Bruce Campbell
Portrayed by: Shiloh Fernandez
Evil Dead Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   The five friends go to the cabin in the woods for a spring break vacation. They are there to help Mia overcome her addiction to drugs.
   There are a brother and sister among the group named Cheryl and Ash. The brother and sister are named Mia and David.
   The film begins with the students arriving at the cabin. There is a scene where a father kills his demonic daughter that precedes the group arriving at the cabin.
   There is a tape recorder in the basement along with the Book of the Dead. The tape is played that delivers the incantations that unleash the demons. Eric reads the incantations from within the book and causes the evil to be unleashed.
   The five people are named Ash, Cheryl, Linda, Shelly and Scotty. They are named Mia, David, Eric, Natalie and Olivia.
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