What's the Difference between Star Wars the Movie and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy the Video Game?

Science Fiction

Star Wars

Released: 1977
Director: George Lucas

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Released: 2006
Developer: Traveller's Tales
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In the Movie In the Video Game
Luke Skywalker
Portrayed by: Mark Hamill
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Portrayed by: Harrison Ford
Han Solo
Leia Organa
Portrayed by: Carrie Fisher
Princess Leia
Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi
Portrayed by: Alec Guinness
Ben Kenobi
Grand Moff Tarkin
Portrayed by: Peter Cushing
Grand Moff Tarkin
Portrayed by: Anthony Daniels
Portrayed by: Kenny Baker
Portrayed by: Peter Mayhew
Darth Vader
Portrayed by: David Prowse/James Earl Jones
Darth Vader
Owen Lars
Portrayed by: Phil Brown
This Character does not appear.
Beru Whitesun Lars
Portrayed by: Shelagh Fraser
This Character does not appear.
Raymus Antilles
Portrayed by: Peter Geddis
Captain Antilles
Cornelius Evazan
Portrayed by: Alfie Curtis
Dr. Evazan
Ponda Baba
Portrayed by: Tommy Ilsley
Ponda Baba
Portrayed by: Maria De Aragon/Larry Ward
Portrayed by: Sadie Eden
Imperial Spy
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Movie vs Video Game
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In the Movie In the Video Game
   Owen and Luke first pick out a malfunctioning R5 unit before settling for R2. Luke picks R2 out immediately and the R5 unit doesn't make an appearance.
   Luke cleans the droids and stumbles upon the distress message from Leia. This is omitted and he doesn't see the message until he's with Ben.
   R2 leaves at night to find Obi-Wan Kenobi due to his mission and Luke and 3PO leave the following morning to find him. The Jawas sneak into the Lars homestead and steals 3PO and R2, causing Luke to find them alone, which involves going to the Jawa sandcrawler to retrieve them.
   Luke is attacked by a Tusken Raider and then dragged back to his landspeeder where it is investigated by two Raiders. Luke is attacked by one Tusken Raider and it is scared off immediately after.
   Ben Kenobi appears cloaked when scarring off the Tusken Raiders. He doesn't.
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