What's the Difference between Psycho the Book and Psycho the Movie?



Released: 1959
Author: Robert Bloch


Released: 1960
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
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In the Book In the Movie
Norman Bates
Norman Bates
Portrayed by: Anthony Perkins
Mary Crane
Marion Crane
Portrayed by: Janet Leigh
Psycho Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Norman Bates is middle aged, overweight and unstable. Anthony Perkins is slim yound and handsome. He is in control of himself.
   Bates is a drunk who took on his mother's personality while in a drunken stupor. He doesn't drink.
   Bates is interested in spiritualism, the occult and pornography. He isn't.
   The story begins with Bates reading a history book. The film begins with a depiction of Marion's life. Bates isn't seen until 20 minutes into the film.
   Mary's story is very limited. Marion takes up a large portion of the film.
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