What's the Difference between One Shot the Book and Jack Reacher the Movie?


One Shot

Released: 2005
Author: Lee Child

Jack Reacher

Released: 2012
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
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In the Book In the Movie
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher
Portrayed by: Tom Cruise
Helen Rodin
Helen Rodin
Portrayed by: Rosamund Pike
Alex Rodin
Alex Rodin
Portrayed by: Richard Jenkins
Portrayed by: David Oyelowo
The Zec
The Zec
Portrayed by: Werner Herzog
General Eileen Hutton
This Character does not appear.
Rosemary Barr
This Character does not appear.
Ann Yanni
This Character does not appear.
James Barr
James Barr
Portrayed by: Joseph Sikora
Martin Cash
Martin Cash
Portrayed by: Robert Duvall
Jack Reacher Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Jack Reacher is 6'5" with a 50 inch chest. He weighs close to 250 pounds. He has dirty blond hair. He is portrayed by Tom Cruise. He is 5'7" and 150 pounds with black hair.
   James Barr wakes up about halfway through the book. James Barr wakes up near the end, after the climax.
   Five civilians are shot from short range; about 35 yards. Five civilians are shot from long range.
   Barr was not prosecuted for his murders in Kuwait because the four men he killed were themselves violent criminals. The US Army covered it up. Barr just wanted to kill people; he did not know the men he killed were criminals. Barr was not aware of why he was not prosecuted for killing US soldiers in Kuwait.
   Barr's sister Rosemary retains Helen Rodin to defend her brother pro bono. She takes the place of Barr's court appointed lawyer after he is beaten into a coma. Helen Rodin is assigned as Barr's lawyer. Barrs's sister Rosemary is not in the film.
   Ann Yanni (local reporter) loans Reacher her car so he can go to Kentucky to learn about Barr's shooting practice. She also lies to the police to provide Reacher with an alibi (sleeping together) for when the police arrest him for Sandy's murder. Ann Yanni is not in the film.
   Barr awakens from his coma; the doctor recognizes early onset Parkinson's disease which means Barr was probably not capable of being the sniper. Barr is in a coma until near the end of the film; no Parkinson's disease.
   General Hutton, a former MP and lover of Reacher is summoned by the police for a deposition. She and Reacher investigated Barr 14 years ago. General Hutton is now stationed at the Pentagon. She lies to DA Rodin about any knowledge of Barr's past. She and Reacher sleep together in her hotel room before she leaves town. General Hutton does not appear in the film.
   The Zec and his gang kidnap Rosemary Barr to force her to tell the police that her brother is the sniper. Helen Rodin is kidnapped by police officer Emerson, The Zec and his gang.
   Cash and Reacher figure out where Rosemary is likely to be held. They go to his house along with Helen Rodin and Ann Yanni. Cash and Reacher go to rescue Helen Rodin.
   Reacher kills The Zec's gang (including the real sniper) with his hands and knife. Cash shoots through one of the windows as a distraction. Reacher captures The Zec and ties him to a chair with wire. Reacher kills the henchmen, including Emerson, then murders The Zec after he boasts that with the witnesses dead, he will not be convicted.
   Reacher's group calls the police who show up at the scene. Reacher forces The Zec to confess everything. Emerson is exposed as the inside man and is arrested. One of The Zec's gang appears with a shotgun and threatens Reacher, but Cash shoots him dead. Cash and Reacher flee the scene but are confident that Helen Rodin will be able to clear Reacher for Sandy's murder and any crimes.
   Barr will go free as the prosecution no longer has a case against him. Reacher no longer wants to see him punished. Barr wakes up at the end of the film without any recent memories. He will be cleared of any wrong doing.
   Reacher leaves town on foot to avoid any further interaction with the authorities. Reacher leaves town on a bus and gets up to intervene during a domestic dispute.
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