What's the Difference between Lord of the Flies the Book and Lord of the Flies the Movie?


Lord of the Flies

Released: 1954
Author: William Golding

Lord of the Flies

Released: 1990
Director: Harry Hook
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Balthazar Getty
Portrayed by: Chris Furrh
Portrayed by: Danuel Pipoly
sam and eric
sam and eric
Lord of the Flies Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The pilot of a jet plane is found in the cave. He is believed to be the beast. The pilot was with the boys when they crashed. He was delusional and escaped and went to the cave. He died there and the boys eventually found his body.
   When the boys fail to keep the signal fire lit, a ship passes and they don't get rescued. It is an airplane that passes.
   There is a boy with a large mulberry birthmark on his face. He doesn't appear.
   The conch is eventually shattered when Piggy is killed. The conch is not shown being destroyed.
   Jack attempts to get the boys to revote the leadership and when he fails, he leaves the group to start his own. There is no revote because Ralph is of a higher rank and was the leader almost by default. Jack simply leaves the group and starts his own.
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i have one question how long have the boys stayed in the island?
29 Oct 2014 Anonymous
It reminds me of the movie "The Mist" in some events. A Group breaking up and the ending.
23 Aug 2014 Anonymous
I cried when I was watching he movie its sad especially when ralph runs for his life.
16 Jun 2014 Anonymous
yes this stuff is true I read the book and this is what happened
06 Jun 2014 shamariallen_22
lol , Is this stuff true because im doing a project on this book and I have never read it so im trying to get some comparison and wants to know if this stuff is true
06 Jun 2014 Anonymous
04 Jun 2014 Anonymous
02 Jun 2014 Anonymous
balthazar getty (ralph in the movie) hurt his arm prior to the filming... thats why he had a bandage around his arm
01 Jun 2014 Anonymous
11 May 2014 Anonymous
actually Ralph also said he was the boss when the officer came. Ralph is more insulting in the book than the movie.
21 Apr 2014 Anonymous

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