What's the Difference between Lord of the Flies the Book and Lord of the Flies the Movie?


Lord of the Flies

Released: 1954
Author: William Golding

Lord of the Flies

Released: 1990
Director: Harry Hook
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: Balthazar Getty
Portrayed by: Chris Furrh
Portrayed by: Danuel Pipoly
Lord of the Flies Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Jack has red hair and is the leader of the group of choir boys. He is blond and is a Cadet from the military school.
   Simon loses him mind and when he sees the severed Pig's head it talks to him and he sees it as the Lord of the Flies. Simon only stares at the head while the buzzing of the flies gets progressively louder.
   Ralph often insults Piggy. He rarely does.
   The boys are British. They are American.
   When the British Naval officer finds Ralph he talks to him and Ralph tells him all about the killings of Simon and Piggy. Ralph doesn't say anything to the Marine.
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actually Ralph also said he was the boss when the officer came. Ralph is more insulting in the book than the movie.
21 Apr 2014 Anonymous
Why isn't the 1963 movie included in this list?
19 Mar 2014 Anonymous
Technically, though, the parachutist was a pilot who ejected from a plane that was shot down in the air battles going on high in the skies, but you are right. That parachutist/pilot was dead when he was found, and the pilot from the 1990's movie was live and with the boys from the beginning.
19 Mar 2014 Anonymous
so inaccurate, wow, first off, there is no pilot, but a parachutist, and he is found on the mountain. I'm pretty sure there is no boy with broken arm. And Ralph doesn't insult Piggy, lol, and no Ralph only says 2 people died on the island and nothing else when the officer found him.
08 Feb 2014 Anonymous
i'm pretty sure the person who created this list didn't read the book either
08 Feb 2014 Anonymous
13 Jan 2014 Anonymous
.-. @[DATED 07 Dec. 2013] Anonymous. No, it is Ralph and Piggy. NOT Ralph and Jack.
10 Dec 2013 Anonymous
09 Dec 2013 Anonymous
ralph and jack are the only ones on the island at first and then they find boys and then the choir comes
07 Dec 2013 Anonymous
13 Nov 2013 Anonymous

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